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        About BattleBots Update

        BattleBots Update is not affiliated with BattleBots, Inc.; Discovery, Inc.; or their partners. BattleBots Update is an independent comedy website.

        Uh, hi. I'm "Draco", the mastermind behind the website BattleBots Update. I've been writing comedy in some form since 1995 and have been an avid fan and participant of the sport of robot combat since 1999. Though I do not hold a degree in engineering -- or any formal education/training in the field for that matter -- I've been a bot builder since 2000. My first robot was a Hazard clone named "Metalhead" that went 3-0 at its first tournament and I don't think it ever won another fight afterward. Ever since I first saw robot combat on Pay-Per-View though, I've been hooked.

        BattleBots Update (a.k.a. "The Update" in regards to non-BattleBots events) has been my pet project since 2008. It is my personal goal of sorts to write about and "review" every episode of not just BattleBots, but Robot Wars in all its forms, Robotica, Techno Games, King of Bots, Clash Bots, and every other similar show out there. I threw the term "review" in quotes up there because what I do is more like a satirical play-by-play than an actual review. Sure, I pass judgment on every robot that comes my way but what I do is more or less either the best (or probably worst) sportscasting you'll ever read. The project is 50% blog, 50% reviews, and 0% comedy.

        When ABC rebooted BattleBots in 2015 I heard the calling and knew it was time to revive the project, and did so to rave reviews. Builders and fans alike loved the content and BattleBots themselves even got involved with promoting the articles on social media. Because of this, BattleBots Update has nearly 4,000 likes on Facebook -- far more than anything I've ever worked on and also more likes than some of the competing teams from the actual show! Support has been phenomenal and from 2016 &onward I've had the honor of attending the taping of BattleBots as a VIP guest... all because I wrote some awful jokes on a crappy WordPress site.

        Your Patreon pledge will go towards helping me continue to work on this website in a couple of different ways. The first and most obvious way is your contribution will go directly toward paying the "overhead" costs of hosting the site. The second is letting me devote entire days at a time to working on BattleBots Update in lieu of being at a traditional job. It actually takes me a solid day of writing to craft one whole article (averaging approximately 7,500 words each). I try to write weekly articles so the goal here is to hopefully get enough from Patreon to replace one day per week.

        Thank you for checking out my Patreon page and thank you for being a fan of my work! I hope that there's a bright future ahead for the best, the only, and the original robot satire on the web.

        - Draco
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        By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
        By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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