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Creating An open social network for bears, chubbies and chasers

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About Mastodon Instance is a social network created after December 17th's "Tumblr Purge", and is a place for all bears, chubbies and chasers to meet and interact with each other. We're a community managed by real people and like to be real and put interaction first and foremost. This Patreon is to help us raise funds to keep the community online: we're not running a business here, our users aren't the product, so we need all the help we can get to maintain the community.

Being a Mastodon instance, we're also connected to many other social networks, meaning you won't be interacting only with bear.comm's members, but also with everyone in the "fediverse", the universe of connected instances. Don't understand what Mastodon and the fediverse is? Well, think e-mail: you can create an account on hotmail but communicate with people from gmail, for example, right? Mastodon is the same.

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