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  • Fierce PostGraphile stickers
  • Access to the secret #supporter-lounge channel on Discord, shh! 🙊
  • A warm feeling from knowing you're contributing to PostGraphile's future
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About Benjie and Jem

Hello! We are @Benjie and @jemgillam, the core team behind PostGraphile, an open source library which generates an instant and super-fast GraphQL API from your PostgreSQL database. We also maintain a number of other related projects in the Node.js, PostgreSQL and GraphQL ecosystems, typically focussing on enabling developers to more-rapidly develop high-performance, stable software.

By supporting us via this Patreon you'll enable us to spend more time working on these projects, resulting in faster fixes, faster PR merges, and of course easier to use, better documented, more flexible, more powerful and more performant software!

Here are some of the projects we maintain:

  • PostGraphile – high-performance instant GraphQL API for PostgreSQL
  • Graphile Worker – high-performance job queue for PostgreSQL
  • Graphile Migrate – opinionated SQL-native migration system for PostgreSQL focussing on development speed
  • Graphile Engine – datasource-agnostic high-performance GraphQL engine for Node.js with plugins and lookahead functionality
  • pg-sql2 – a powerful SQL-injection-proof query builder with full PostgreSQL support
  • gatsby-source-pg – the easiest way to pull PostgreSQL data into your Gatsby API
  • mehserve – simple port-sharing proxy: easy URLs for development servers running on different ports; websockets & SSL supported
We also contribute to many other open source projects.

There's a lot of work that goes into maintaining an Open Source project — not just the software development, but responding to the issues and chat messages, reviewing pull requests and giving guidance, writing high quality documentation, testing, publishing releases, improving developer experience, and much more. Your financial support enables us to take time off from client work to stay on top of these tasks and keep moving these projects forward.

Thank you for all your support and contributions to PostGraphile, they are really appreciated! Patreon supporters have already enabled us to:

  • Massively increase PostGraphile performance
  • Create, maintain and constantly improve the documentation website
  • Enhance the plugin API to better support the community plugin developers
  • Implement the powerful Smart Comments system for customising your GraphQL schema
  • Add extension and permission inspection to PostGraphile to give you a cleaner schema
  • Massively improve support for the Koa server
  • Overhaul and massively improve our TypeScript support (including working on a PR to flow2ts)
  • Implement `graphile-utils` - a module to make it much easier to write plugins
  • Overhaul the error system to be a lot more helpful in situations where fields cause clashes
  • Add migration and feature guides
  • Improve tooling around PostgreSQL
  • Release subscriptions and live queries support for PostGraphile

You can give any amount from $1/mo up. Anyone who contributes $100/mo or more will be added to our private mailing list for critical security updates. We also offer support contracts and consultancy services around PostGraphile.

Physical Gifts - due to the pandemic, we are currently unable to send out any physical items in the post. We'll add your name to our list so that we can send out lots of goodies once our postal system is back to normal (maybe sometime in 2021). In the meantime, the factsheets can be accessed at

Feedback on this page? Send a message on Discord or Twitter :)

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