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        About Beth Martin Books

        Hey there!

        I’m Beth Martin, and I’m an indie author. I write science fiction novels and puzzle books. Currently, I have seven published books. Inspiration comes to me from anywhere and everywhere, and I can’t go through an entire day without delving into my current work-in-progress. Your support will help me dedicate additional time to my craft and allow me to publish great stories more frequently.

        The bookcases at my place not only hold my collection of novels and math books but also an array of video game cartridges and board games. I could spend countless hours at the arcade or puzzling through escape rooms. However, my favorite geeky indulgence is going to Comic Cons! They’re such a great opportunity to both share my work and meet fans. I also like to play the piano and make crafts. Honestly, there are just not enough hours in the day to dedicate to all the things I enjoy doing, but writing always takes precedence!

        I discovered my love of writing in 2015 when I had a great idea for a story paired with an intense desire to write it down. Six weeks later, I had a completed draft of my first book, The End of Refuge.

        Most of my novels are pretty cyberpunk with cool or scary technology. They're all set in near-future worlds which feel creepily possible. Science plays a huge role in my stories, including topics like genetic engineering, robots, time dilation, green energy, and more. But ultimately, my novels are meant to thrill and entertain with relatable characters and authentic emotion.

        You can find me all over the web, including my website and Instagram. And of course, all of my books are available on Amazon.

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        You know what's expensive? Travel! I want to get a table at an event near you, so once I reach $350 a month, I'll start booking events outside of the Maryland/Virginia/West Virginia/Pennsylvania area.
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        By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
        By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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