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About Nathan Oxenfeld

The Better Eyesight Podcast is a monthly podcast co-hosted by Nathan Oxenfeld and Esther Joy van der Werf that reads Dr. William Bates' entire catalogue of Better Eyesight magazines and provides modern commentary on the topic of natural vision improvement and holistic eye care.

100 years ago an eye doctor named Dr. William H. Bates, who pioneered the field of natural vision improvement, published a monthly magazine called Better Eyesight from July 1919 to June 1930. This publication typically consisted of between 4 and 6 articles, either written by Dr. Bates himself or by guest contributors.

The articles contained education, instruction, and inspiring case histories of people first struggling with vision problems, then experiencing relief through the implementation of Dr. Bates' relaxing methods.

The work of this "renegade ophthalmologist" was so profound, that it helped spark the genesis of a "new ophthalmology" that didn't involve using glasses, drugs, or surgeries, with Dr. Bates at the forefront.

All the way back in 1922 a small group of dedicated followers of the Bates Method formed the Better Eyesight League and held regular meetings in New York City, many of which are detailed in the Better Eyesight magazines. Although the original Better Eyesight League no longer exists, the Bates Method has survived and is making a resurgence.

Now, a century later, a group of natural vision educators and Bates Method teachers are reviving the Better Eyesight League in the form of the Better Eyesight Podcast, which is a monthly podcast that reads the entire Better Eyesight magazine collection from exactly 100 years ago to the month, while also providing expert modern-day commentary on the material.

Instead of having to read all 11 years worth of magazine articles yourself, we're going to read them out loud for you! That way, you can close and rest your eyes or do some other vision enhancing practices while you listen and learn.

Nathan Oxenfeld and Esther Joy van der Werf will be your two main co-hosts, but you'll also be hearing from dozens of other natural vision educators from all over the world to get a range of explanations of Dr. Bates' powerful principles and practices.

The basic Better Eyesight Podcast will be free for everyone and can be found in any podcast listening app like Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, etc. The free version will contain all but the final article and discussion of each magazine. To unlock the full episode containing all the articles and discussions, you can subscribe to our Patreon community.

There are varying levels of involvement on Patreon.

The first tier at $9 a month is the Better Eyesight Listener / Reader, which gives you access to the full audio recording of the episode and a PDF copy of that month's Better Eyesight Magazine.

The second tier at $19 a month is the Better Eyesight League Member where you not only get the full audio recording of the episode and a PDF copy of that month's Better Eyesight Magazine, but you also get access to a monthly Better Eyesight League Meeting, which is a group discussion online with vision teachers and other listeners. These meetings happen on or around the third Thursday of each month on Zoom.

The third tier at $59 a month is the Better Eyesight Student where you get the full audio recording of the episode, a PDF copy of that month's Better Eyesight Magazine, access to the monthly Better Eyesight League Meeting, PLUS you get a 30 minute one-on-one vision coaching session with a Certified Bates Method Teacher either online or locally in your area.

Keep in mind that you can change your pledge at any time. So if you want to start at Tier 1 first and then one month you want to see what the Better Eyesight League Meeting is like you can upgrade for that month and either stay at Tier 2, or you can always drop back down to Tier 1. Or lets say one month you have lots of questions that you'd like answered directly by a teacher, you can upgrade to Tier 3 for that month and then drop back down to Tier 2 or Tier 1. You can also cancel your Patreon subscription at any time.

This eleven year vision quest will not only teach you more about Dr. William Bates, his lasting legacy, and the incredibly transformational method he developed, but it will also provide you with professional commentary and modern-day explanations that will help take your natural vision improvement experience to the next level.

Just imagine how much better your vision could be by June 2030!


More on the origin of the Better Eyesight Podcast by Nathan Oxenfeld:

When I first learned about the Bates Method in 2010 I was depending on strong glasses and contacts to see every day. The notion of natural vision improvement had never crossed my mind before, and my eyes instantly lit up with curiosity. 

As I began investigating the Bates Method, I learned about the ophthalmologist who developed it nearly 100 years ago named Dr. William H. Bates. He was an open-minded physician who pioneered a more holistic approach to eye care, and I got to know him by reading his book Perfect Sight Without Glasses, which was published in 1920, and his monthly Better Eyesight Magazine, which ran from 1919 to 1930.

The more I studied the Bates Method on my own, and then eventually with the help of a Certified Bates Method Teacher named Dr. Jerriann Taber, I gradually decreased my dependency on artificial lenses and retrained my vision to the point of seeing 20/20 without glasses. (See picture below of me before I improved my vision and after) Once I successfully reversed my own myopia and astigmatism, I felt a strong urge to share this knowledge and practice with more people, which is why I took Dr. Taber's teacher training program to become a Certified Bates Method Teacher.

I founded my practice Integral Eyesight Improvement LLC in 2013 and have been helping individuals and groups improve their eyesight and insight naturally ever since. I started a YouTube channel where I shared free Bates Method 101 instructional videos with the world, created a website and blog to share vision tips and articles, wrote a book called Give Up Your Glasses For Good: Holistic Eye Care for the 21st Century, created a Holistic Vision Program online course, and launched the Naked Eye Podcast to educate listeners and interview guests about alternative health and holistic healing of the eyes, body, and mind.

As I got more into podcasting, and as we began approaching the 100 year anniversary of Dr. Bates' first Better Eyesight Magazine being published back in July 1919, I was struck with the idea to re-form the Better Eyesight League in the form of a Patreon Community. 


From the February 1922 edition of Better Eyesight Magazine:
By Roberts Everett

I RECENTLY had the illuminating experience of an hour's intimate talk with Dr. Bates in his laboratory. It was my fortunate privilege to learn at first hand of the wonderful discoveries of Dr. Bates, his incalculable service to the poor of vision and the triumphant persistence of his methods in the face of indifference and opposition. There was a double interest in my attention to Dr. Bates as he talked to me. There was the personal interest of my memory of a time when I had worn glasses—had had to wear glasses, I had been told—and of a time when, tired of much experimenting, of this lens replacing that one and this treatment following another, I had simply and determinedly discarded glasses and their ills. And successfully had done so.

But there was another interest as I listened. I realized that I was in the presence of a man and of a work that meant a definite blessing to the world. Dr. Bates, like scientists of earlier and less enlightened eras, was the discoverer and the missionary of healing methods that mankind needs. His truths of physical vision should be, by right, the property of every class and every people—as much a part of civilization's common property as the knowledge that the world is round or that mosquitos spread disease.

And as I listened to the simple, yet for so long unaccepted, fundamentals of his discoveries and methods, it was this second, broader interest that became the overwhelming one. I felt that it became the duty of those who know of his discoveries or have been benefitted by them to spread the knowledge of them everywhere.

The Idea of a League

So as I listened there came the idea—I believe it is a practicable idea—of a disinterested organization to carry this good word of improved vision to all who should be told of it: to the American public. An organization disinterested in all except its purpose to promulgate a healing truth, an alleviatory knowledge for the lack of which the suffering of the world today is enormously augmented and its darkness, of the spirit and of the light of days so terribly increased.

As I learned more and more of the methods and the cures of Dr. Bates and of the needlessness of glasses this idea became stronger and more clarified. It has been my opportunity to see certain organizations, disinterested in the larger sense but directly and enthusiastically interested in some one philanthropic or industrial truth, carry on works of education that have benefitted the country or important groups or territories of it. And surely no "cause" could be more worthy of advancement, no information more worthy of promulgation, than that which will bring perfect vision and renewed faith to thousands, children and mature men and women alike.

Since that illuminating hour in Dr. Bates' laboratory I have thought much of the necessity of spreading the knowledge of the possibility of the prevention and cure of imperfect sight without the use of glasses. To those who have been benefitted by the discoverer of this possibility it is a duty to so spread this knowledge, one way in which they owe it to themselves to make their lives count in the betterment of others.

So I propose to all the readers of this magazine that this work definitely be started. The sightless, the maimed of vision, those denied of Nature's freely-offered share of light and color, ask it of them with an unescapable appeal!

How the League Can Be Formed

I propose the organization of an active Better Eyesight League, devoted to the promulgation of the knowledge that the prevention and the cure of imperfect eyesight without glasses is a scientific possibility and that the man and the demonstrated methods for its achievement are at the disposal of mankind.

I propose that this Better Eyesight League be organized by readers of this magazine, by those who have been benefitted by the methods of Dr. Bates, and that it be formed immediately, by those who first respond to this suggestion and are the nearest in time and distance to New York.

I propose that its membership be open to all those, beyond the readers of this magazine and those who have been helped by Dr. Bates, whose pleasure and zeal it is to help their fellow men and lessen suffering.

I propose that this Better Eyesight League be formed not with the aid of Dr. Bates, if that should not be offered; but without that aid if necessary, to give the knowledge of his many cures, as well as of great discoveries, to the world. He has already within his means and to a consequently limited public told these same results and laid his knowledge of the possibilities of better eyesight open to the eyes of others. I propose that the Better Eyesight League convey this knowledge to tens and hundreds and thousands as compared to every one that Dr. Bates has reached.

Each Reader Can Become an Organizer

To this end I suggest that every reader of this magazine the day his eye discovers this proposal write in his name and his approval of a Better Eyesight League to the office of the magazine. The envelope in the corner can be marked with the initials "B. E. L." to make sure it is read immediately. It is not necessary that Dr. Bates should ever see the letters or the names, unless that is desired. When all the letters are received there will be some means found, and word of it communicated to each name received, effectively and expeditiously to organize the League.

There should be a few weeks from now an actually functioning Better Eyesight League! Who will be first to start its organization?


In the following months of the Better Eyesight Magazine, the reader learns about how the league was formed in March and April of 1922, the names of the officers, and the notes of the subsequent meetings appear in future editions.

Now, nearly a century later, we get to continue this story as we breathe life back into the Better Eyesight League together. We are excited for you to join our natural vision community and for you to experience the amazing benefits that come along with it.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 79 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 79 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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