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About Bitcoin & Markets

"Bitcoin has three main benefits. First, it is a tool of self-defense against extortion from increasingly indebted governments. Second, it supercharges the economy by increasing the efficiency of price discovery due to its fixed supply. Third, it allows culture to flourish by promoting low time preference." - Ansel Lindner

What is Bitcoin & Markets?

Bitcoin & Markets keeps you ahead of the curve in Bitcoin with a respected podcast, professional newsletters, and a supportive community. I share my passion for bitcoin and unapologetically give you straight talk on the issues of the day. I focus on topics like money, economics, government, ethics, morals, technology and investing. I strive to provide quality information the curious and open-minded content consumer can rely on.

Why we need your support?

My goal is to grow Bitcoin & Markets into a sustainable business by offering quality content about Bitcoin you can't get anywhere else. Your support helps me do that.

Membership levels

Our Basic level is $1/mo, which of course includes our free resources and the weekly Fundamentals Report newsletter. You also get access to our private live streams on YouTube and the ability to vote in Patreon polls.

Our Tribe Member level is $5/mo, and that gets you all the Basic PLUS access to our Member area on Discord, consisting of a text & voice channel and real-time important links. Tribe Members also get access to an audio edit of our live streams, where I cut out expired price talk and dead air pauses, along with any tribe-only content I release in the future.

Join our Member Newsletter level to supercharge your value! For $10/mo you get all the benefits of being a Tribe Member PLUS a subscription to the new Bitcoin Pulse newsletter. This is a 3x per week newsletter with exclusive market commentary, charts, and forecasts. Learn More at

We also offer two levels of Sponsorship Individual and Corporate.

Individual sponsors for $50/mo get more intimately involved with the podcast, and help cover costs directly for our community, like hosting, paid services used in the creation of content, etc. For you help you get all member level access and a back-link of your choice in every podcast episode's show notes post.

Corporate sponsors for $250/mo get more access to the community and followers of the show. You get a 30 sec live read ad on each new episode of the podcast or live stream, and highlighted on our weekly Fundamentals Report. Also, for supporting the show you get links from each episode's show notes and our About page.

Thank you

I'm truly grateful to my patrons for their support and dedication to quality content and communities in Bitcoin. Together we'll make a difference.


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