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About Bitfumes

We are the Best Team of Developers and Provide tutorials about Laravel and more. We are at Patreon to help others and create a community which work together to build something awesome.

We Create an Awesome, best class Tutorials for Beginner and advanced level.

What is my goal?

My Name is Sarthak Shrivastava, I'm a web programmer and a teacher and makes tutorial videos about Laravel and more programming.

My goal
is to become the best source for online Web Programming training on the web. I believe in creating material that teaches people how to program rather than creating tutorials that people follow blindly without learning anything.

The reason that I want to share my knowledge is that I also have everything from Online Source.
I have no degree in Programming but I am an Electrical Engineer but My interest is to Code and Create.

By becoming a Patron you will help me pay for all the expenses that are involved in creating tutorial videos (software, hardware, assets, hosting, marketing etc.).

This will help me create more and better tutorials. This will also bring me closer to my goal of becoming the best source for web programming training.

Why Patreon?

I am turning to Patreon for several reasons. For most developers, Patreon would ideally allow them to focus on their projects full-time. For me, this is already the case
On the other hand, I greatly enjoy working transparently, creating code/engine asset packs, and sharing the knowledge. This is what the bulk of this Patreon money will go towards. It is meant to entice me to work on more content for all of you. I suspect that my largest audience here will be fellow developers and I absolutely love sharing all of my information with the community. I am constantly getting direct messages, tweets, and emails about help and support. The reward for supporting this page will be access to consistent content of that nature.

Take a Look at My Work

Check out our sites and community ties below:

Check out some playlist on YouTube, Imagine what more we can do with your help!

Laravel 5.4 Beginner to Advance Series
Laravel Authentication (User Login and Registration)
Laravel 5.4 File UploadLaravel Q&A
Laravel 5.3 Hindi Beginner Tutorials
$30.16 of $500 per month
When we hit $500 each month, I don't have to worry about paying my bills and focus more on Youtube to create free courses.

Your little help can make a huge difference.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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