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About Bizarre Buffet

Hello everyone ! Bizarre Buffet is an independently produced podcast that’s hosted and created by three friend’s, Marc Bluestein, Mark Tauriello, and Jennifer Wilson. We truly enjoy creating this content together, and strive to keep the atmosphere of real people, real friends, discussing real topics that we can share with all of our extended friend group, our listeners! 

As of today Bizarre Buffet is 20 episodes in, and hopefully that number continues to grow while we look back and say “We wrote this when we only had 20 episodes !?!?”. With that being said, your content creators here at Bizarre Buffet do have day jobs and obligations outside of our podcast world that brings us so much joy and so many laughs, just like the majority whom probably listen !

We’re not the kind of people who expect or demand contributions from anyone, we create because the three of us are creative individuals, and if those who listen are finding the same excitement that we do by listening, we’re very pleased.

For as long as we can we intend to keep advertising to a minimum, however, sound production, editing, maintaining a consistent and strong social media presence on many platforms, etc...requires a whole lot of additional time that can be a challenge to come by. All of what you hear and see online is done by us, not outsides sources or vendors, etc (not in our nonexistent budget ;) ). So! If you see something here that has appeal to you, or you can contribute in any way, your generosity is immensely appreciated and recognized.

We shall leave you with this! 

“Bizarre Buffet explores the macabre, unusual, and the extraordinary aspects of people and life. Hosted by Jennifer Wilson, Marc Bluestein, and Mark Tauriello, together they explore the fringes of society and feature special guests from all walks of life. Morticians, cursed fashion designers, paranormal survivors, and more! This is an all you can eat oddity buffet in a podcast. “

Bizarre Buffet is a MarcJenMark Production.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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