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About Blind Tiger

Greetings Friend,

My name is ‘Blind Tiger’ and I serve as house curator here at the Speakeasy.

As a long time collector of novelty cannabis genetic souvenirs, I've put myself through just about every experience imaginable in the name of furthering my habit (oh the things we do for love!). Indeed, I have personally felt the satisfaction of getting my hands on a long sought after collectible from overseas, but so too have suffered through the more recent phenomenon of missing out on yet another IG drop after receiving a push notification hours too late to even stand a chance.

Oft times I find myself wondering why there isn’t a better, less nerve-racking way for folks like myself to add to our collection than being forced to participate in what amounts to a crummy-feeling competition to be first in some imaginary line, only to find ourselves wondering shortly thereafter–in the face of a deflating lack of response to our email inquiries from the same folks we sent our payment off to–if our shipment will even arrive let alone contain what we ordered in the first place.

Couple that feeling of uncertainty with ongoing, rampant account deletions to many of our favorite cannabis related IG accounts, and it becomes more apparent than ever that a better social media outlet for the collective cannabis community to enjoy ourselves is not only sorely needed but also desperately long overdue...

...Well guess what, my friend? That better way has finally arrived...

...And it's name is Patreon.

Patreon is a digital platform that enables you the 'patron' to directly connect and collaborate with the 'creators' you are most passionate about on a far more personal level than any other social media platform out there. It is 100% cannabis friendly and will not force us to mince words or use unnecessarily vague language about what we mean to say. It provides us with the creative flexibility required to truly hook y'all up in ways we could never even dream possible given the confusingly restrictive parameters that IG currently forces us to operate within. And I think you are going to be absolutely blown away by all of the incredible benefits and content we are ready to share!

Sound appealing to you? Well same here, my friend!  And now you know exactly why I'm so pumped up about Patreon.

So...are you ready to experience a fun, fresh, far more rewarding and indescribably less frustrating alternative to IG starting right this very second?

Well then I've got a seat right here at The Big Table with your name on it, friend!  And I can't wait to see you slide on through that Speakeasy door so I can personally connect with you.

Blind Tiger
Speakeasy House Curator
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When I reach 100 patrons, I'll explore new breeder relationships based on your requests and introduce a brand new set of goals to hook y'all up even more than ever before!
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