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About Bling Squared Cute Glass

We are a married glass flame working duo who have working in COE 104, or Italian glass, for nearly 13 years. Recently we have also ben working in the hot shop with COIE 90 and in our studio with COE 33, or Borosilicate. Our Patreon is designed to help us continue doing what we love and expand on our creative mission to bring more wonder and optimism into the world. We hope to encourage people to join our crazy ride as we purchase new equipment, challenge ourselves to ever more intricate designs, take on new projects and new mediums, and push ourselves and our friends to new levels.

Achieving our goals will mean we will be able to continue to exist as full time artists in this crazy new, show-less world. We will be able to explore new ways to showcase our characters, stretch our glass skills and have the time to finally develop our story that has bloomed during the process of designing our cuties. We have lofty goals of creating human sculptures and large works in the hotshop when the world opens up.

Our patron-only feed will detail our progress and pitfalls on these new projects, and give you first hand looks at sketches and lots more.

We offer some great rewards to our patrons. All levels of support receive voting rights (on collections, Twitch fan squee themes, offered products, exclusive designs etc), access to our Twitch Patreon discord channel (comin' real soon), access to our private Patreon blog, and access to our commissions list.

Levels from $2 and up also get discounts to the web store and $5 and up will get you free shipping on all orders (provided they ship with your monthly physical rewards).

Some of our reward levels offer characters and jewelry that are exclusive to Patreon. Our Mini of the Month characters, and our earrings are ONLY available through Patreon. 

Pendant and Sculpture Collector rewards are available - designed to make sure you get everything in every new collection. There's also an ALL THE THINGS level for those of you who can't get enough!

Here's our official bio:
Since 2008, film industry veterans Neacol and Stanley Miller have been practicing the art of flame-worked glass sculpture on a tiny island in the Pacific. Their work is a fusion of the same techniques perfected by the imprisoned Renaissance masters of Murano, Italy, with nods to comic books, cartoons, candy and pop culture.

Under the studio name Bling Squared, their artisan pieces, usually between 1 and 12 centimetres (.33 to 3 inches) in height, reside somewhere between toys and fine sculpture. Each stroke of brilliant colour is actually melted glass, not paint, resulting in an artifact of whimsy that will last for centuries. The alchemy of stained glass rods liquifying in the heat of an oxy-propane torch lends each piece a vitality and timelessness. Influenced by the Japanese phenomenon of collectible vinyl desk toys, the couple's response is the permanence and vibrancy of glass as both material and statement.

The genre of their work requires an exotic vocabulary: anime, manga, kawaii ("adorable"), chibi ("short person") – a world of giant robots, talking animals and cat-eared schoolgirls. Their brightly- coloured, impactful figurines of playful, chubby characters have become increasingly varied as their skills as sculptors evolve. Here are owls, baby dragons, foxes, and Yeti alongside sloths, narwhals and red pandas. Their work has appeared in Ayden Gallery in Vancouver and the Waterfront Gallery on Salt Spring Island, as well as many comic and entertainment expositions across North America such as the New York Comicon and Anime Expo in LA. Supporting themselves by their art alone, they work from their home studio – torch, kiln, glass and all – while raising two small and active daughters.

Collectors and supporters of the work respond with instant happiness evoked by these charming pieces. In the context of "Low Brow" pop art, the figurines are timely, joyous, accessible, and irresistibly tactile. 

Thank you for reading, guys! We love what we do and couldn't do it without you!

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