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About Bridget

Hi everyone! My name is Bridget, and I'm a trans woman creator of Table-Top Role-Playing Games, TTRPG Videos, and Visual Novels. You might know me from the Shadowrun games I've ran for the Ennie Award-Winning podcast Role Playing Public Radio, or maybe from my writing on the kinetic novel adventure, @crynovel. On this page I will be curating PDFs of the games I've ran for RPPR, as well as releasing actual play videos, and playable builds of my Visual Novel content. I might even do bonus events now and then, like streaming games on my channel!

If you liked any of the games I've designed for RPPR, or enjoyed the CRY: Hunter's Record prologue or gameplay trailer, please help me make even more content! With your support, I'll be able to devote my time to designing and releasing all kinds of goodies you can enjoy, such as:

  • Scenario PDFs: Starting with the games I've already ran for RPPR, including Moon-Drenched Streets, Amanuensis Dolls and Dream-Away Camp, all of my scenarios will be released as free PDFs with all kinds of behind-the-scenes info and tips for running the adventures yourself. Additionally, patrons are able to vote on the kinds of scenarios I design, as well as what games I build them for.
  • Actual Play Videos: If you've ever listened to RPPR and wished you could have more digestible content — perhaps with entertaining visuals and quality sound editing — then you'll love this! I'll be turning my RPPR actual plays into episodic actual play videos, so that you can enjoy a mixed-media experience.
  • Visual Novels: A more intimate storytelling experience, involving multiple paths through interactive fiction told through interesting visuals and complex writing. Your continued support will allow me to increase the quality of the visuals, sound, and music, with haunting narratives created by yours truly!
  • Twitch.TV Shenanigans: I enjoy playing video games, and I enjoy interacting with viewers! With your help, I can run special events on my Twitch channel --- and patrons will even be able to participate in multiplayer games!
  • Much More: The more you support me, the more I'll be able to do! If you want me to run games for you and your friends, that's definitely a possibility with enough patron pledges.

Your support means a lot to me, and so do your comments and feedback. I look forward to making all kinds of great (and gay) content for you to enjoy!
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Monthly Videos! If we reach this goal, I will guarantee one video upload at the end of each month. These will take the form of transcribing an audio actual play drama into a video series, or occasionally a video essay on a topic suggested and voted on by my patrons.
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