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About Broken Eye Books

Welcome to the BROKEN EYE BOOKS Patreon—called Eyedolon. Here we build anthologies and serialized novels for Broken Eye Books, bringing you the odd, strange, and offbeat side of speculative fiction by blending genres and exploring and blurring the boundaries of sci-fi, fantasy, and weird fiction, of comedy and horror. Subscribe to help support our projects and read them each month as they're released. When finished, each project will be collected in print and digital formats and available to all.

Ongoing projects include serialized novels from Bogi Takács, Brandon O'Brien, Matthew M. Bartlett, and Andrew Penn Romine; a serialized collection from Joseph S. Pulver; and the urban weird anthology Nowhereville and the Welcome to Miskatonic University and It Came from Miskatonic University anthologies. 

Patrons get access to the following serialized fiction:

(Click through the title for the press release and overview; click through the numbers following the title for each new installment.)

And novel(la)s:

And anthologies. Cooties Shot Required: There Are Tings You Must Know, which will look at the strangeness and wonder of being a kid and of interacting with kids, will be collected in print in early 2021 :
Whether Change: The Revolution Will Be Weird, an anthology of wierd and sci-fi tales of revolution both personal and societal, will be published here and collected in print in early 2021:

We have so far published through Eyedolon the following anthologies:

Other stories:

Serial fiction will be collected in ebook and print editions for patrons (depending on tier) and available to non-patrons when complete. Through our various patron tiers, advance release editions of our other titles (such as novels and novellas) are also available to patrons.

We just wrapped up the Kickstarter for our anthology Welcome to Miskatonic University (and you can still pre-order at the inked BackerKit), and you can read one of its stories, "Some Muses Are Not Gentle" by Brandon O'Brien (available to non-patrons).


We are publishing weird fiction. These are the stories that take place in the realms between science fiction and fantasy, between the realistic and the absurd. This is the weird and its borders with other genres:
  • It must be speculative fiction.
  • It need not be horror. At its core, weird fiction is the unknown. That sits very well as warding off the shadows—or horror—but beyond the grotesque, it reaches clear to the ecstatic with stopovers at all modes in between, such as at the comedic and the slice of life.
  • As a landscape, speculative fiction exists on a spectrum with other genres and at times shares their borders. These frontiers are evershifting.
  • The weird sits in an "uncanny valley" of realism, snug between the impossibility of fantasy and the certitude of science fiction.
In "Toward a Weirder Tomorrow" and "In Weird Times" we dissect this in a bit more detail. We are publishing, in no particular order, dark fantasy, cosmic horror, fabulism, folk horror, magical realism, slipstream, "soft" science fiction, supernatural horror, and surrealism. In short, weird fiction and where it borders with science fiction and fantasy:

Closed for submissions until we process what we have.

Thank you for your support!

Broken Eye Books is an independent press based in Seattle, here to bring you the odd, strange, and offbeat side of speculative fiction. Our stories tend to blend genres, blurring the boundaries of sci-fi, fantasy, and the weird.

Support weird. Support indie.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 121 exclusive posts

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