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About The Bro's and Bloke's Lifestyle Academy

We are two Bros and a Bloke...or two Bloke’s or a Bro. The meanings are shared.
How? Because no matter what type of man you think you are, we always have something new to learn. *mind blown*
James Rose and Kalan Smith host a weekly show on the lifestyle thoughts of the modern man. With the main banners of Fitness, Entertainment and Adulting, the guys hope to re-engage core values of a man’s perception of the perfect gentlemen in our ever-evolving world.

Is Crossfit right for me? What gaming classics did I miss out on? What can I learn about football that I missed out on growing up?

Through a casual and comedic approach, the guys plan to educate and entertain those men of all ages into broadening their horizons and providing fresh perspectives on everyday life.

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