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About Ben Y. Faroe

Hi! I'm Ben, founder of Clickworks Press, host of Nearly Fearless Leader and Seems Legit, and author of The Dream World Collective, The Stone and the Song, and (with Bill Hoard) the Hubris Towers series.

I write my books—and started my company—because I believe that stories change people and people change the world. Stories are the way humans learn what matters. Good stories show us how the world could be and how it should be. They immerse us in a vision of what's worth fighting against and what's worth living for. Stories train our passions.

Also they're tons of fun.

I firmly believe that all of that can be true without getting boring and stuffy and over-serious. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Smart can be funny. Deep can be gripping.

I don't want to philosophize at you. I don't just want to distract you. I want you to laugh out loud and fall in love and think new things and go to imaginary places and then suddenly wake up back in the real world—assuming this is the real one—and see it all with fresh eyes.

As of this writing I've got a full-time job and two little girls and I'm working as hard as I can to make this happen around the edges and in the cracks. But my dream is to write full time--and not just to write, but to find other brilliant authors and creators you've never heard of and launch their work into a world that needs it. Your support will let me put my time and energy into writing books, coaching authors, and pursuing new ideas and projects (not—grateful though I am for my day job—wrangling spreadsheets and attending conference calls).

I want us to keep millions of people up way too late, turning just one more page, one more page. I want us to find and train and encourage the young authors whose books will be classics two centuries from now. I want us to start the Baltimore Renaissance.

It's this simple: Stories change people. People change the world.

Let's change the world.

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Reward: I'll post a video of myself reading an excerpt from a book of your (collective) choice in an accent of your choice. Hilarity ensues!
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