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About Cam Banks

My name is Cam, and I write and design tabletop roleplaying games.
I grew up in New Zealand, but moved to the United States for 22 years to raise a family. During that time I worked on dozens of tabletop roleplaying games as a line developer, designer, and creative director. Now I've repatriated my family back home to NZ and I'm working full time as creative director for Fandom Tabletop.

I've worked on a lot of worlds belonging to other people.
In the last twenty years I've designed or worked on RPGs based on popular properties such as Marvel Comics, Dragonlance, and Dungeons & Dragons. I've contributed to over a hundred books and supplements for companies like Margaret Weis Productions, Green Ronin, Atlas Games, and Greater Than Games. And I still do.

It's time I worked on worlds of my own.
I have a thousand worlds in my head. My wife says I'm plugged directly into the story dimension, and I want to channel some of that creative energy into settings of my own design. I want to take these ideas and turn them into playgrounds for others to enjoy as well. 

I can't do this alone.
I've never been a solo act. I've always valued co-designers, collaborators, and colleagues. I love playtesters and promoters. I want to give the folks who want to support me a seat at the production table, to help motivate me to create and channel these ideas into reality. Help me use my powers for good and create the content that I've always wanted to make!

With your help, I'm going to create new worlds and show you how to do it, too.
My goal is to spend my time and effort creating RPG worlds, preparing original campaigns and re-tooling existing ones. The focus is on bringing to life content that feels comfortable but at the same time strikes out along a path I'm excited by. I want to demonstrate that this is something anyone can do if they have the desire to do it.

Here's a world I've already been working on with Patrons for the past couple of years.

GATES OF TARTESSUS is a fantasy setting inspired by Mediterranean antiquity. The Norse-like Sword Empire invades a city-state of sorcerer-kings through magical gates and finds itself trapped there after the gates stop working.
  • Nine thanes share the rule over the ruined city-state of Tartessus and its surrounding lands, feuding in a bloodless civil war.
  • Demons have begun to appear through gates of their own, terrorising the thanes' estates and the settlements nearby.
  • Ancient powers, ghosts of war, wine, battle, and the gathering storm!
  • Inspired by the works of Mary Gentle, Joe Abercrombie, and Tim Powers
Sound good? I've got a hundred others, fragments and seeds and kernels of ideas. Help me make them all a reality, one world at a time.
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If I make this goal, my cable & cellphone bills are covered each month and my creative energies are super-charged. In return for this phenomenal support, I'll not only maintain a weekly design journal on top of the behind the scenes posts, but I'll create an archive of older material that's unfinished, in process, or otherwise just gathering dust on my hard drive and open it up for folks to mine for ideas and mechanics.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 48 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 48 exclusive posts

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