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A Big THANK YOU! From me to you. Even $1 replaces over 500 views in ad-revenue on YouTube. It seriously does go a long way towards helping me make better content for everyone! ROCK ON!

Join the Discord Server, and your account will now show off your support! EVERY PATRON also gains exclusive access to the VIP Discord channel

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In addition to the stuff in Bronze, here you'll gain access to random giveaways and contests hosted here on Patreon, and Silver level supporters GAIN ACCESS TO VIDEOS EARLY before they are published to the public! (must join Discord to access them).

Silver Patrons also now get their NAME IN CREDITS at the end of YouTube videos as well! Thank you so much for your support!

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I'm humbled by your generosity! Thank you for helping to support the dream! As far as name in the credits, like in Silver, your name appears in GOLD next to Silver patrons. In addition to everything above, this Tier will be getting EXCLUSIVE discounts on any merchandise that's presented to the Merch store (coming in Q2 of 2020). These discount codes can be used as many times as you want, on as my products as you want, possibly making this tier pay for itself.

Anyone who's been pledged at GOLD level for 12 months or longer will be granted "Lifetime" VIP status in the Discord, which carries with all the benefits of Bronze Patrons for life. No expiration. Anything I add to Bronze later is yours too.

  • Early Access To Videos
  • Patron-only content feed
  • Patron-only polls and info
  • Your name in the credits (Gold)
  • Access to Patron-exclusive vlogs
  • Exclusive Discounts on merch sold in the store (2020)
  • LIFETIME Bronze status after 12 months
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About Charlie Pryor

What and Why Patreon?

As many of you know, I've now begun creating content FULL TIME, for a year (see video above). It is my dream to be able to create videos and live stream entertainment for a living, but in order to accomplish that, it'll take more work than I've ever done before - and it'll take some support. That's where you come in, maybe. If you enjoy my content, whether on YouTube or Twitch, and would like to help me accomplish the dream of continuing to create more through this year, and beyond, consider supporting me through this Patreon campaign. There's a lot of perks on offer, if you see the Rewards section of the page, and more stuff being added all the time. I hope to present as much value to you as I can, and offer unique tiers of support rewards over time as the channel grows.

My videos will ALWAYS be free to view when I create them at YouTube! You NEVER have to pledge to this Patreon to watch my videos, and I'll keep making them in the future if nobody pledges here at all. I love what I'm doing, and I love it all being available to you, regardless of money. This is merely a way for those who want to show their support (above watching and liking content) to do so. I do, however, plan to release exclusive EXTRA content for patrons.

How Will Patreon Help Me?

Now that I'm full-time for this year, YouTube and Twitch revenue, as well as other forms of affiliations and sponsorships (and soon Merch) are my ONLY income. Patreon is a wonderful supplement to the volatility and instability of advertisements. It's a needed revenue venture that allows me to diversify, therefore surviving the risks of YouTube, and also to create content that my supporters really want to see - regardless of the views/popularity that it may have. Patreon is giving me the freedom to be flexible, and the support you pledge here furthers that endeavor.

How Am I Rewarding Supporters?

In addition to the obvious thank you's and access to the Patron feed, I have a variety of rewards I've come up with which I think illustrate the value your support has with me, including exclusive access to giveaways (games and otherwise) that pop up as opportunities for me throughout the year, and access to a VIP Discord channel where I spend most of my time (I also get push notifications on my phone when people talk there, so I check there very regularly for messages). In addition, SILVER and higher gain NAME IN CREDITS (with your name colored for your tier of support) on all my videos, as well as access to WATCH MOST VIDEOS EARLY before the public gets to see them. There's a few more listed in the Rewards area of the page, and more being added very soon when the Merchandise store gets going.

I Couldn't Do This Without People Like You!

Regardless of whether you choose to pledge here or not, just the fact that you're here looking at this page means you're interested in what I do, and have decided to check it out. I cannot thank you enough for that interest, and I hope you'll strive to engage with me in any capacity you feel comfortable, and continue to push me to be better every day. Thank you for your time!

22 of 50 patrons
The requested regular PODCAST will be unlocked, and will take place LIVE weekly on Twitch, later going to YouTube for the public AD-FREE, sponsored by the Patrons who commit such wonderful support for content creation here.
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