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About Chlod Aidan Alejandro

Hi, I'm Chlod! You may know me from many things: be it Ralsei Bot, Wikipedia (either with my work on RedWarn and its successor, Ultraviolet, or perhaps my defense of Philippine history articles), my JTWC and PAGASA archiving work, or random blog posts you find deep within the internet rabbit hole. You may have also occasionally seen me online bicker about the tiniest UI/UX problems or about a few technical speed bumps in programming languages.

Most of what I do online is free. The Ralsei Bot is free to use and doesn't have a paywall, the PAGASA Parser and all my Wikipedia tools are free and open source (aside from those hosted on Toolforge), and I've released dozens of projects for free to the open world through my GitHub account. I've always carried the ideology of releasing things for the open source community free of charge without expecting much in return.

That said, money still makes the world go 'round. The server I use to host Ralsei is paid for purely from my monthly allowance, and I don't have a job of my own yet as I am a college student that's under some serious academic load. I spend around $80 (~₱4000) yearly on server and domain costs.

I have to be quite honest: saving up is hard when costs are as high as that and I'm only allowed to a small amount of money per month. That's where I'm hoping you'll come in. By supporting me, you'll be able to help me cover some of the server costs that keep the Ralsei Bot, the entirety of the domain (including and the JTWC Archiver), and a bunch of other projects that require a 24/7-online server. You'll also increase the amount of money I can spend for physical projects, such as those in embedded systems and other engineering things that I get to play with every month.

I know there's not much incentive for you to support as of now: and that's perfectly valid. You can support at your own discretion. My goal is to keep on making things to churn out something that you can eventually be compelled to support. If you can't support or don't have the money, that's okay too! Most of my projects will still be free to use, and will always be. This is not a required payment for my services, but as a donation to honor what I do online.

Until next time!

NOTE: I will not edit Wikipedia pages for you no matter how much you pay me.
$5.55 of $7 per month
Rely entirely on donations for server fees. My current server cost is €4.9, with an additional $12.16 for domain name fees.
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