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Lylia Chorosive

Creating art in both motion & stasis

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About Lylia Chorosive

Model, Performer, Artist, Muse.
Fashion, Cosplay, Underwater.
Circus, Fire, Bellydance, Fetish, Burlesque.
Costumes, Make-up, Fine Art.

I am Lylia Chorosive
 Springborn of the House Scottaryen, First of Her Name, the mostly Unburnt, Queen of the Prairies, the Boreal and the First in Line, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Whipper of Chains, and Mother of Snakes and Cats... 
All Hael Lyli, Lady of the Many Kingdoms, Protector of the Realms, Princess of Dragonstone, Queen of Metal, the Queen Across the Seas, the Silver Queen, the Dragon Queen, the Silver Siren, Lily of the Sea, The Geothermal Mermaid, Lylith Hael, half of duo Hailspring, or just Lily...!

I have spent the past decade since I quit my secret agent day job to be a full-time (hopefully not) starving artist. I went into this so hard that it got quite overwhelming. Within the first year of being 'free', I ended up being diagnosed with Crohn's disease. I kept going full-throttle until it threatened to stop me in my tracks completely. I'm finally learning to settle down and I have a huge collection of unposted content, which I would love to share with you all. My health is also still difficult to handle, and I'm hoping I can keep creating and sharing my work from home. (I've gained at least 3 more diagnoses since that first one).

I will be using this Patreon in order to post all my personal content - from behind-the-scenes to plans to outtakes, to full photo sets and custom promotional material.
Please join me in conquering the world!


PS - if you can't afford to subscribe at this time, remember you can always FOLLOW for FREE!

PPS - for the content police - I do not post any nude or sexual content. My content is barely implied nudity. I am not using this platform for sex work.

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