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  • Let's Collab!! (Singers/Rappers!)---- if you want to collaborate on music (I'd LOVE to), I will send you an instrumental piece of music in whatever style you like (hip-hop, indie/folk/ambient, dreampop, lo-fi beats, or something remotely in the "indie" vein, haha) for you to write vocals to, weekly! 
    And if we like what we've come up with, I'll put an EP or album out of selected songs as soon as it's done and promote the hell out of it on social media and youtube. Let's collab! I absolutely LOVE working with talented, kind musicians and singers!!

    THANK YOU for your support! This is my way of supporting YOUR work as well! This is what it's all about.




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About Chris Caulder



WHO ARE YOU? I’m Chris Caulder. I write/produce a ton of songs, make random Youtube videos (mostly music-related but also gear reviews, tutorials, and lots of other fun stuff!) and, I teach music (drums, guitar, bass, piano, and songwriting/producing) as my day job. I absolutely love all things creative.

WHAT IS PATREON? Patreon lets fans help artists continue to do what they love to do!

WHAT DO YOU LOVE TO DO? I love to write songs, practice all of my instruments, make Youtube videos / tutorials / reviews, record and produce songs in my home studio and anything and everything creative!

HOW CAN I HELP YOU? You can become a monthly patron right here! Pledge any amount you want (as low as $1 per month!) to support what I do and you’ll receive exclusive access to my music and videos (most not publicly available), patron-only content (blogs, etc) and first-hand knowledge of new videos, demo songs, any upcoming shows, album releases, specialized tutorials, and tons of other cool stuff that I do!

YOU WANT MY MONEY!? AHHH!!!! I post a LOT of stuff ALL THE TIME on various platforms.... you know you love it and you know it's worth such a low amount per month! It's a bargain!!! :)


I'm Chris Caulder. I'm a shy, socially awkward, creative, passionate and romantic soul. I make original music and do covers on Youtube in a "videosong" format, and I also do recording and songwriting tutorials for Youtube, as well as do music gear reviews and stuff. I'm of the firm mindset that music, movies, books and art (in general) truly do change the world for the better... I've felt like this since I was a kid, and still feel like this, today!
I wish to give back to the world all of the things that artists and art creators have given me all my life: happiness and a reason to live!

I love to teach people how to get creative things done with the least amount of resistance and also, the least amount of money, so I create tutorials about how to make music efficiently and cheaply (I realize I said the same thing twice, just reworded, but hey... it's true).

As mentioned above, I make original music...... a LOT of it. Hundreds and hundreds of songs of varying styles and genres... most of which I do not have enough confidence to share with the world (yet), but it's coming, and soon. So, I joined this site in hopes that people will support me and continuously inspire me to confidently release all the original music that I've written over the years and has sat on my hard drive, hiding from the world. I don't want to hide, anymore!!

If you find my tutorials or blogs helpful, or if you find my vlogs/rants/raves informative or perception-altering in some way, or most importantly, if you really enjoy my original music (the little you've heard so far), then please consider being one of my patrons. I will continue to upload useful, cool, and musically heartfelt content for as long as I'm able... and starting this month, I am uploading a LOT more original music to my channel, from summer 2021 onward.

I saw that Jack Conte from Pomplamoose launched this site years ago, and I wanted to be a part of it, because he's a cool dude, pretty big musical influence of mine.. so, we'll see what comes of this.

Thank you ALL for listening and thank you for helping me get OUT THERE more as a passionate, down-to-earth, unselfishly giving and ultimately, enthusiastic artist.

-Chris Caulder
Philadelphia area, PA, USA

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If I can reach a goal of $100 per month (and keep that for at least 3 months), I'll send my current patrons a care package with stickers, buttons, flash drives with free music (by me and others), free samples/loops (if that's your thing).... and LOTS of other cool surprises! I couldn't appreciate all of you MORE!!! I'm new to this, but I need your help! THANKS!!
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