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• access to the #patreon-peeps channel in the Tired Old Hack Discord server, where I'll shoot the shit about the industry and my general thoughts on various things, as well as general Patreon-related updates
• occasional general posts about various things going on in my life
• a Christmas card every December (optional: will require you to give your address when I start asking for them)
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In honour of the legendary price of Official Nintendo Magazine, fork out $3.99 a month and you'll get...

• everything in the Entry Level tier
• regular updates on what I'm working on
• if I'm working on an article that I'm making available in both written and video form, I'll send you the written section first so you can read it before anyone else while I work on the video (not valid for embargoed articles, like some reviews)
• when I've recorded a podcast, I'll upload the raw audio here and let you hear it first, before I've added intro/outro music to it, written the post for it on the site, uploaded it to iTunes and Spotify etc.
• If I'm working on a list feature, a day or two before it's finished I'll post the list (without the accompanying text) so you can see what I've chosen
• occasional posts of old articles I've written in the past from the ONM days
• occasionally I'll ask for requests: retro games to review, which Kartography game to do next, etc. The requests made by Patrons on this tier and above will get priority
• occasional online meet-ups on Zoom (or a suitable equivalent), if there's demand for it
• monthly Q&A posts where you can ask me anything in the comments and I'll reply to them all
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This is where things get all super-secret and ninja-like. The Insider tier will get you the following:

• everything in the Entry Level and ONM tiers
• occasional posts in which I reflect on the work I do, and give behind-the-scenes information on the writing process and any challenges I regularly come across, or tips that help me when working
• if I'm working on a list article or a very large one (like a complete history article or the like) I'll share in advance a portion of the article so you can read some of it before anyone else
• behind-the-scenes looks at whatever book I'm working on at the moment (currently the Mega Drive Encyclopedia). As various bits and pieces pop up during the course of writing the book, I'll share them with you: be that interesting challenges or decisions to make, or captured footage of games I've discovered or re-discovered during the process
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About Chris Scullion

Hello there!

My name's Chris Scullion and I've been a British video games journalist for the past 14 years. Although I was best known for writing for the Official Nintendo Magazine UK, Nintendo Gamer and CVG, I've also written for the likes of Nintendo Life, Official Xbox Magazine UK, Official PlayStation Magazine UK, GamesTM, Gamesmaster, Vice and Red Bull.

Since mid-2015 I've been doing freelance work while slowly building my own games site, Tired Old Hack. I've been gaming for 30 years now – my first consoles were my NES and my dad's Atari 2600 – and my love for games has never wavered, so while my site covers new games there's also a heavy focus on retro.

I'm also now a book author: last year I released my first book, The NES Encyclopedia, and I just finished its sequel The SNES Encyclopedia. I'm now working on the third book, The Mega Drive / Genesis Encyclopedia: the publisher and I plan on releasing a new one every year as long as people keep buying them.

If you aren't familiar with my work, my writing style is laid back and conversational. I try to make it funny when possible, but there's always clear passion there.

Juggling my books, my site, freelance work, my family and my 'normal' job takes a hell of a lot of effort and energy, but I still enjoy doing it all. This Patreon page has been set up for my readers to help support my work in numerous ways. Your money helps go towards a variety of things that help me continue to do this. Since it launched you've helped me pay for:

• annual domain names and web hosting
• a business account on WordPress so I can start to embed high quality videos directly onto the site
• an Adobe Creative Suite subscription, allowing me to use PhotoShop and Premiere and other apps to help create multimedia for the site and YouTube channel
• an xSplit subscription for streaming purposes
• various PC and capturing hardware
• hardware and software for research

Note: Although there are numerous rewards for being one of my Patrons, none of my planned website content will be made exclusive. I don't believe in punishing those who may not be able to afford to pay for my work, so any contributions you make will go towards improving the site and updating it more regularly, not focusing my attention away from it.

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