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About Jos Hawkins

“Greetings weary traveller, the roads of Erinoth are hard trodden in these darkening days, why not rest a moment and see what we have to offer…”
So what will you be seeing here?
Grab your sword and cloak, we're going on an adventure!
You'll get to see all manner or arcane secrets and mysteries of the beyond... or, probably just a load of fantasy drawings and comics... yeah that seems more likely.
Regular lore posts, world building articles and concept art, character design and lots more!
Oh, and the Books. Best not forget them... but more on those in a moment!

What will your support do?
Simply put, help me afford to make art!
The creative industries bring happiness to millions but pay those who work in them very poorly. However, your support on Patreon no matter how small will help me to continue to create and share comics and stories.

now onto the fun bit…
What’s in it for you?
You'll still get all the fun stuff you expect on patreon like behind the scenes updates and exclusives.
But on top of that you will also get...
Books! (and miniatures)
Ultimately my goal is to produce an ongoing adventure comic series set in the fantasy world of Erinoth. By supporting me here you are helping make that a reality so it seems only fair that you get them shipped straight to your door.

  • How many pages will the comics be - Each will vary, my plan is to produce two longer (52 - 72 page) and two/three shorter (16 - 28) page comics a year.
  • How many comics will I receive each year? $10 + pledges will receive at least two hard copy comics and access to all digital releases, $5 pledges will receive one hard copy a year
  • Will they be full colour - yes (and no) - the comics will bear my signature colouring style.
  • Will the comics be available elsewhere - All comics will be available as hard copies at conventions, online as digital downloads, and on my webstore. As patrons you will get first access to everything and discount codes where necessary.
  • When will Comics ship- as soon as they’re ready! Every comic takes different amounts of time, but I aim to release two full length print editions a year (at least). Digital downloads of comics will be available a week after the hard copies ship.
  • when do I get my first Comic -It depends on the tier you’re pledged at. The $10+ tiers will receive each hard copy comic as soon as they’re released, shipped direct. Lower tiers will receive the comics slightly delayed. Check your pledge amount for details
Thank you for your support!

Find me online:
[email protected] Blackfeathersketchbook

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 78 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 78 exclusive posts
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