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About Cinepunx

What is Cinepunx? Simple: Cinepunx is seeing a movie and thinking about it on your own terms. To listen and watch without pretense or prejudice. To mosh like nobody is watching. To watch like nobody cares. To let the things we love bring us together, create a community, and to disagree about those things with passion and patience. Cinepunx is a mixtape of film and music and art we make for the world, and we hope it resonates with you the way it does with us. 

Cinepunx is a media center focused on unique voices sharing their passion, vision, and ideas. Our three current podcasts revolve around genre film, punk rock history, and alternative culture. Our writing highlights eclectic perspectives on film culture, both academic and casual, as well as outsider voices in the hardcore punk community. Shit is sick. We seek to highlight folks whose writing or perspective is unique, to create space for marginalized voices, and share our passion for the weird and strange. Cinepunx has supported a variety of organizations in the Philadelphia film community, as well as hosted events of a wide variety in that community. 

However, that is not the end for us. Our goal at Cinepunx is to expand to multiple shows, video posts, and a vast array of voices sharing their writing about film, music, and culture. All of this leading to Cinepunx as more than a film and media website, but a community for unexpected and subaltern ideas.. That is, punk not just as one or the other musical genre, but as a continuing conversation around life and art. We seek to build a platform for those who have felt like they did not fit, because of what they look like, who they love, or simply because they enjoy something it seems like few people do. We hope, through both critical engagement and through event hosting, to impact the film scene in our city and beyond. Community is important to us, and Cinepunx is constantly looking for new ways to foster and support what exists, as well as create new avenues and conversations. 

Until then, Cinepunx is a struggling podcast network with an active blog that needs your help to improve what we offer; so that we can supply it more regularly and compensate the awesome contributors who help make it happen.

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Ok here it is, our first big reach! With $100 a month we have acquired some new equipment, we can now offer more live events, and the MOST important feature- Compensation to our writers! 
YET, we think we can do more. Yes, we can pay for some pieces now, but we can't offer the most competitive rates yet. Yes, we have better equipment, but we can't set up a regular studio for folks to record in. Yes, we will host more events, but a monthly series? Not yet. 
However, our biggest hope is this- CINEPUNX MOBILE TEAM! We want to offer coverage of festivals all over the country, from FANTASTIC FEST to BEYOND FEST to whatever small genre film event is in YOUR town, we want to cover it. With this new goal we THINK we can do all those things, as well as CONTINUE to offer one of the most dynamic and interesting podcast families across the web!
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