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Chris Hyacinth Riley

Creating Yokoka's Quest

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About Chris Hyacinth Riley

For as far as she can remember, Yokoka's lived in the same old boring forest. It's not that she's lonely- she has a lot of siblings to play with- but she has dreams, a desire for adventure! What would happen, if she walked without stopping? How far could she go? What would she see?
Yokoka's Quest is a webcomic that updates 3 days a week; Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

This story had been on the back burner for a long time- in fact, I wrote the first draft all the way back in 2004! I already knew I wanted the story to be a comic but, not having the skills, I only wrote it down and left it at that, then moved on to other projects. Around 2013, I decided it was time to start getting serious about what I wanted to do with myself, and what better project to start with than the first story I ever wrote?

I started drawing pages in October 2014 to have a buffer, and the comic itself has been going live since September 17th 2015, posting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and is planned to have 24 chapters total. So far, we're more than halfway done and still going strong and on schedule- and I'm determined to keep it that way! 

However, I want the comic to be available online for free. No matter what happens, I don't plan on changing that! But as you can guess, this takes up a lot of time and energy. This is where you come in! With your help, I could concentrate on making this an actual living, doing what I love every day and sharing all the stories I can think of with the world! 

How does this work?
- You pick a certain amount to pledge monthly, and receive the rewards associated to it! 

When is the money processed? 
- Patreon lets creators choose how this goes; in my case specifically, pledges are charged on the first of every month! If there's any issue processing the payment, Patreon automatically tries again a few times until the 5th.

How do the commissions (20-60$) tiers work?
- When available, every month between the 1st and 5th, I contact everybody on the tiers via email to ask what they'd like me to draw! If I get no responses by the middle of the month I usually try to contact them again via different means (ie: social media or discord) to shoot a reminder about it.

Can I pay you extra via Paypal to have an extra character in my commission? 
- No. I have to get Patreon rewards delivered all within the month, and the rewards I offer are keeping that in mind. If you want something different, contact me via email for a custom commission instead! There is an exception: if you also pledge in my wife's illustration tier on her Patreon, we can merge your reward for a 2 characters illustration with a more detailed background done as a collab! 

If you have any issues or questions with anything, don't hesitate to contact me!

You can grab old Patreon rewards here!!
Email: [email protected]!

Thank you for your time, and I hope to see you as a patron soon! :3c
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