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Any donation is appreciated! You'll fund my development work on my extensions which go to the community and thus to you.

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About Phi

Hi, I'm Phi, a British software developer, story author and multi-reality investigator. Most of my work is published to large communities, and given away for free.

What have you done so far?

This Patreon is for my Clickteam community work. If you know me from there, you might be familiar with:
  • Lacewing Blue Client/Server, updated versions of Relay being maintained after the original author lost the source code. Ported to Unicode support; and now feature Android, iOS support!
  • DebugObject, an object that lets you run Fusion events when your application crashes.
  • You might also use my public Lacewing servers, which have now been running for longer than five years without charging a cent. No ads, either.
  • Darkwire Extension List, a free listing of all MMF2/CF2.5/CF2.5+ extensions, with search, filtering and a backup mirror of all downloads. No ads too!
  • Web Query Object, an extension like Get object/Download object, but with background transfers, uploads and downloads, and progress %.
  • ZlibStream Object, an extension for compression/decompression in the background based on zlib protocol.
  • Google Cloud Storage, a business-targeted extension for uploading to Google Cloud.
  • Klystrack Object for playing C64, NES and Amiga-styled tunes
  • Other smaller extensions, like FixedValueList, UTF-16 Object, and some less developed ones like DarkSocket, PortAudio...
  • And of course there's the many hours I put into supporting Clickteam developers on Gwerdy Chat, then ClickConverse, and now Discord ClickConverse. Apart from a few exceptions where people insisted to pay me, my support has been free.

If you're on board now...

What does my sponsorship mean?

There are plenty of rewards, including access to pre-release extensions, not having to pay for the sold extensions, all the way up to invites to my personal Discord server.
More practically, the extensions you fund me to create are made available to the Clickteam community, so you give others more development opportunities too, not just yourself - the whole community will benefit from your donations.

As for the effect of those extensions, well... the planned HTML5 port of Bluewing Client alone will allow all sorts of browser ".io" games to come from the Clickteam userbase. For businesses, you could use it for synchronising users (say a shared document editor). And there's more stuff in store.

Future plans include:
  • A new type of function extension (Intense Functions object), whose new pragmatic design will make you want to rewrite most of your Fusion programs
  • An SDK that can export to Android, Windows and iOS from one codebase
  • iOS development and porting of all the extensions
  • A live camera feed displayer with licenses for H264
  • A video/audio player, using FFMPEG, using video files and maybe webcams too
  • Custom-drawn UI controls for all OSes
Excited yet?

The Conclusion

So with those factors in play, why the Patreon now?
Well, on a more personal side, my expenses are increasing sharply in the next few years, due to new arrangements of family, so I'm forced to plan my work with more emphasis on what pays than I'd like. Being a developer in a software-driven world, there is of course other work besides community work, but my ambition is to be able to work with things I enjoy rather than just motivated by finances. I've always enjoyed helping others and not expecting anything back, but I can't be a parasite on whoever is housing me while I do it... that would be akin to not seeing the forest for the trees.

Working for Clickteam community is always fun, watching the new developers get to grips with logic, and the enthusiasm of new developers. Seeing the things people can do, and their drive to create, is always inspiring. I even came across my favourite YouTuber Markiplier using my server in a Let's Play. (Unfortunately, the developer didn't program closing the connection well. Still, Mark told me I can steal all his videos! woo!)

Juggling paid hours and community work, along with time for family/friends, is quite a burden, and never quite feels right no matter how I balance it. If the community work was paid, though, that merges two of them, and work-life balance becomes a lot easier. I won't feel guilty doing something that doesn't put bread on the table (but may put it on others' tables).
Your donations will help solve that issue and will certainly take a load off me!

Thanks for your time.
$375.52 of $600 per month
[Funding for goal is accumulating per month; 77% of goal has been met as of 6th Nov]
Release of Lacewing Blue for HTML5!
Power your websites with multiplayer chat and gaming.
A HTML5 Bluewing Client will be released, and Bluewing Server will be updated to support it.
Lacewing Blue server will not be ported to HTML5, as WebSockets does not support hosting from browser, and WebRTC requires an external server.
The HTML5 update will be distributed to Clickteam community for free.

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