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About The Climate Emergency Sailboat

Welcome aboard…

I’m a slightly scratched and dented gypsyhermit, dedicating the rest of my life to making the world a better place, while living aboard Skoro… the Climate Emergency Sailboat.

I gave up the shreds of a lifelong liveaboard sailboat dream to do my Walk To Waken The Nation and help establish the Ottawa Climate Emergency Camp in 2019-20, but the day before leaving the city of Calgary, I found a brand new Tilley hat — the quintessential sailing hat — for six bucks at a second hand store. I took it as a sign from the universe that somehow, the sailboat would still happen.

Now, through a series of weird circumstances, terrible events, and beautiful serendipities, the dream and my purpose are coming together in a whole new way.

Skoro is a 26 foot Canadian-built Grampian sailboat. Her highly unlikely, though long dreamed of, appearance in my life is a five ton symbol of hope and of all the possibilities that can still be real.

Living aboard Skoro, I can be safe, healthy, and secure, in my own odd ways, and I will continue to raise awareness and catalyze change through personal discussions, events and presentations along the way. A large part of this will be sharing connections and stories online and in print.

There’s a whole world out there looking for hope… I want to help create it.

My pension is minimal and I will not be eligible for provincial disability support due to traveling. I am asking for support so I can keep doing everything I can to help change the world.

I'm not making tiers here -- I don't care how much you help, please do whatever is right for you... it's the fact that you do that makes all the difference in the world, quite literally.

Other groups, organizations, and individuals are welcome to work in unison with the venture and help will be appreciated — when it comes to global systems collapse and near term human extinction, we are all in this boat together, and we have nothing to lose but our own future…

But almost anything can happen.

With hope and belief,
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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