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About ClonOS/CBSD/MyBee project

ClonOS is a turnkey Open Source platform based on FreeBSD and the CBSD framework. ClonOS offers a complete web UI for easily controlling, deploying and managing FreeBSD jails containers and Bhyve/Xen hyperviser virtual environments.
ClonOS is currently the only platform available which allow both Xen and Bhyve hypervisor to coexist on the same host. Being a FreeBSD base platform, ClonOS ability to create and manage jails allows you to run FreeBSD applications without losing performance.
  • easy management via web UI interface
  • live Bhyve migration [coming soon, roadmap]
  • Bhyve management (create, delete VM)
  • Xen management (create, delete VM) [coming soon, roadmap]
  • connection to the "physical" guest console via VNC from the browser or directly
  • Real time system monitoring
  • access to load statistics through SQLite3 and beanstalkd
  • support for ZFS features (cloning, snapshots)
  • import/export of virtual environments
  • public repository with virtual machine templates
  • puppet-based helpers for configuring popular services
ClonOS is a free open-source FreeBSD-based platform for virtual environments creation and management. In the core:
Minimum requirements:
  • CPU: 64-bit (Intel EMT64 or AMD64), support for Intel VT/AMD-V;
  • At least 2 GB of RAM;
  • LAN card;
  • HDD;
We like existing (but unfortunately Linux-only) solutions such as Proxmox,Triton (Joyent),OpenStack, OpenNebula, Amazon AWS and we believe that FreeBSD OS is able to give something similar.

CBSD - is a low-level framework for manage FreeBSD virtual environment management

MyBee - A satellite of the CBSD project and a subproject of ClonOS, which is a separate distribution. It is the simplest API for creating and destroying cloud environments.

$56 - reached! per month
When i reach $56 per month, I'll rent a server in Hetzner for development instead of my laptop:
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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