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About Cloudbase Mayhem

The Cloudbase Mayhem podcast is where you will find fascinating and educational interviews with the best free-flight pilots in the world. If you fly a hanglider or paraglider, if you fly acro or cross country, the Cloudbase Mayhem podcast is where we glean how the great pilots of the world get there. Hosted by Red Bull X-Alps pilot, National Geographic Adventurer of the Year and current holder of the North American foot launch record, Gavin McClurg. We'd be thrilled to have you join us on Patreon and reap the benefits of being part of the crew!

We have started this Patreon campaign because we want to take the Cloudbase Mayhem to the next level! If you help us make this possible, here is what we can do:

  • WE CAN PRODUCE BETTER CONTENT! Better overall quality of the stuff we produce!
  • WE CAN FOCUS MORE OF OUR ATTENTION ON GREAT ADVICE for YOU! The more support we have on Patreon, the less time we have to spend working on other projects and jobs to pay the bills!

It takes a lot of money and time to make all of the content that we produce!

Here is a list of things that cost money:

  • Web Space. Website hosting, Podcast hosting, Music rights, server space, etc.
  • Production equipment. That stuff is expensive!
  • Paying People to Help Us Out. Support staff for editing and keeping the effort going at top quality on a regular basis. We aim to put out a new episode every other Wednesday, year round. That's a lot of episodes!

If you want to help us out, we have some really cool rewards for you! They are all designed to bring us closer than ever to you, our supporters. We really want this to feel like a community, where our patrons become a part of our creative process! 

Bottom line- creating and hosting and editing this podcast is UBER time consuming. It's time I love to spend and I think it's worth it. And if you think it's also worth listening to and you're getting something out of it, all we ask is a buck a show. And if you've got a few extra coins in the pocket, well I'll give you some more radness in return if you want to ante up to a little more. Personally I'm a podcast addict, but there's nothing more frustrating than listening to the same stupid advertisement over and over again and I trust you agree.

Many Cloudbase Mayhem listeners requested that I create a page here. Unlike one-time or monthly donations made through my website, Patreon allows you to give a specified amount whenever I release a new episode of the podcast, or bonus material (it also lets you cap your totals). This seems like a great way to sponsor work we care about, and I'm very happy to join the many content creators who are now using this service.

I’m tremendously honored to have a community of people who value what I do. And I look forward to taking our conversation in new directions.

Many thanks for your support!


p.s. if you're just finding out about patreon and you're like JA JA JA JA OMG, here are a few other artists/creators i suggest you look into....

neil degrasse tyson (making a startalk podcast!)
geeta dayal (writing smart journalism about music and art!)
martin gommel (photo essays about refugees in europe!)


THE FAQ (frequently asked questions)
if you have questions, please submit them on twitter, on facebook, on my blog, or here on the patreon stream once you sign up.

Q: "I have a question about your patreon, who can i contact?"

A: Message me on my facebook page and I will get you sorted!

Q: "Why are you charging Per Thing versus charging Per Month?"

A: Just seems more fair...and as we typically put out two shows per month...well that's what patreon recommended so there!

Q: "But if i cap my backing at $10 a month, does that mean I won't get ALL THE THINGS? I want ALL THE THINGS!!!!!"

A: Lucky for you, I'm treating everybody equally. And also don't forget...almost nothing here is paywalled. The CONTENT goes out to the public, you guys are the backstage. You don't lose access to ANYTHING when you hit your cap. you'll still get EVERYTHING emailed to you if you're backing at the email level, and access to all streams even if your cap is $1 a month. You don't get punished for capping.

Q: "I want to join your Patreon, but I don't have any idea how much to donate. I want to do it for about $25-35/month. You say it's donating "per thing" - how often do you do those "things" - so I can get an idea how much to donate per thing. For example, if you do a "thing" every 3 months, I will donate $100 per thing. Guidelines on "thing" timetables... at least roughly?" 

Well...that's really generous. Right now you have two options: you could just back me at $10/thing, which is the closest denomination (in general I put out about two things a month) and I'd cap your donation at $30, or $60, or $ you never pay more than you're happy with. OR if you're feeling more generous, you can actually "write in" a higher amount per thing (i.e. you can write in $20/$30/$50 at the $10 level) and that extra dough per thing, until you hit your monthly cap, is just considered generous gravy.

Q: "Um....what if i want to just donate money to you once? this is weird."

A: Um. That's fine. You can make a one-time donation anytime you want through my donation page on the website:

205 of 300 patrons
When I reach 300 patrons, I'll start a special podcast series where I interview 1 patron every quarter on the show.
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