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Thunder Kitten

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As a booming Thunder Kitten, you get access to:

 •  Warm Fuzzy Feelings:
The magical powers that come from supporting your local Megan.

 •  Discord Server Access:
A magical chat room where you can make friends, find CPs and betas, and learn the secret to success as a writer. We don't have that last one just yet, but we have faith that we'll figure it out any day now. There are also group activities like writing sprints!

• Voting Power:
Vote on content, thumbnails, and more because decisions are hard and I don’t like making them.

Includes Discord benefits

Fire Kitten

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As a raging, bright Fire Kitten, you get access to:

• Your Name In Videos:
Your name and a social media handle of your choice at the end of my videos. People sometimes read those names, I swear!

• Early Access Pass:
See videos, announcements, and more before anyone else! Yes! I am sometimes capable of getting things out early. Sometimes...

• Access to all lower levels, probably. And by "levels" I mean "level".
Includes Discord benefits

Snow Kitten

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As a peaceful, heavenly Snow Kitten, you get access to:

• PDF versions of scripts:
So you can see all the lines I sacrificed to please the Youtube Algorithm's hunger for audience retention. Also you can't print them and highlight them. I have these clicky highlighters, like pens? But highlighters? They are great. They should sponsor me.

• Book Acknowledgment*:
Your name and handle at the end of my next book. Because who doesn't want their name in a book?!
 •  Access to all lower levels because you deserve it

*I will get your permission before including you. Names ordered by number of months spent as a patron, with benefit applying even after you’ve left.

Includes Discord benefits




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About Cloud Kitten Chronicles (Megan Tennant)

Hello and welcome to the Kitten Coalition, where you can help support me while also getting to declare yourself a fire kitten, or a thunder kitten, or maybe even a space kitten which let's be honest, is way cooler than any perk I can offer you. There's also an awesome Discord server full of sweet and fun writers and fiction lovers where you can get critiques, geek out over fiction, partake in writing sprints, or even just chill out with us for movie night. 
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Help me reach this goal and I'll start doing a monthly ESO live stream where I game and answer writing and life-related questions. I might do the stream on Twitch or Youtube but patrons will get to ask all the questions <3
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