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About Cloudsearch

What is Cloudflare?

Cloudflare is a CDN (Content Delivery Network) that uses it’s abundant amount of servers to serve static content in a quick and efficient manor to visitors of websites that would have otherwise have slower load time due to latency.

In order to use the Cloudflare CDN, website owners have to point their nameservers to Cloudflare, upon complete setup of the service all requests for their website will reach Cloudflare servers as a sort of man-in-the-middle passing files to and fro.

The reason that this is a problem (in some cases), is that unfriendly content of which we will leave you to do the guessing gets served from Cloudflare servers instead of where the website actually is. Therefore meaning that all complaints against the site go to Cloudflare rather than where the servers are actually hosted and yup.. You guessed it, Cloudflare “have no capacity to remove content we do not host.“, EXCUSE ME? You’re literally the gateway to the fucking site, if the content is clearly malicious then “Kill it with fire” I would say.

What is Cloudsearch? (the very short version)

Cloudsearch is a free tool that allows anybody to search for the real IP address of websites using the CDN Cloudflare in order to file DMCA (copyright) / abuse complaints against the real hosting provider.
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