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About Undergrad Steve

Hey, I’m Undergrad Steve. My team and I develop College Kings, an Adult Visual Novel with a focus on realistic characters, innovative gameplay and frequent releases.

Unlike many other adult game developers, I believe I need other people involved for the game to become truly great. That’s why, from the moment I released the demo as a solo developer just 14 months ago, all the Patreon funding went directly into hiring talented writers, developers and artists to improve the speed, quality and creativity of College Kings’ development.

Because of this, nowadays our team is able to produce multiple hours of high quality content with amazing story, art & gameplay each and every month. I always hated waiting half a year for a few hours of gameplay. We pride ourselves in our ability to create releases with high frequency, that are still filled to the brim with impactful choices, fantastic storylines and steamy sex scenes.

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Running a game studio with so many talented people costs a lot of money. Furthermore, we pay for assets, render pcs, external development projects like the new College Kings launcher and much more. We’re talking tens of thousands of dollars, every single month in costs. That’s a lot.

I believe that all the money earned on Patreon should go right back into development, to make College Kings the most exciting and innovative Adult Visual Novel out there. That’s why, the more we earn, the more features we add. Recently we incorporated optional voice acting for sex scenes, which was only possible because so many people pledged, meaning voice acting costs didn’t slow down development.

You know why we decided on voice acting for sex scenes as a the next feature to add? Because our Patrons said so. Our frequent releases, polls and feedback forms, as well as our strong focus on community interaction give us a deep understanding of the playerbase’s wants and needs.

We listen, we try, we ask you guys for feedback and then we try again. We’re always iterating, always improving, always looking to make the game more fun for the people that love it, you guys.

Besides funding and shaping the game, Patrons get a lot of other perks too! Depending on your tier you get early access to the latest monthly releases, multiple sexy Patreon exclusive renders of the different girls (voted by Patrons each month), personal custom renders just for you, your name in the credits and even the ability to create a side character that makes it into the game!

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Welcome to the best four years of your life. As an innocent freshman, you arrive at San Vallejo College with the whole world in front of you. Naive and unaware, you quickly learn that life on campus is entirely what you make of it. Will you let the next four years pass you by, or will you lead your fraternity to the crown and become campus royalty?

College Kings puts you in control of your college experience. At every turn, you’re confronted with choices that could alter the course of your time at San Vallejo - so it’s up to you to choose wisely. These choices will impact your 3 Key Character Traits: Confident, Popular, and Loyal. As your story unfolds, your character traits will dictate how people perceive you, and which opportunities are presented to you.

An immersive fighting mode brings your story to life with challenging gameplay. Interactive sex scenes put you at the centre of the action. And the scene selector lets you relive your favourite moments in all of their glory.

This is your chance to live out the ultimate college experience - so get ready to be immersed into the world of College Kings.

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Got a great idea for a sex scene? If we reach this goal we will let the community design their own sex scene to be featured in the game! Of course with a few rules that will be set when we reach the goal...
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