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About Corina Dross

"It is possible to make of the body a sun,
which draws sound up like water from a rain puddle... 
during the listening every cell will incline in that direction, 
and the entire world will rise into us like glorious, palpable, mist."
—Anita Sullivan, The Seventh Dragon
Corina Dross is an artist, writer, and counselor working in the medium of astrology. 

Corina has read charts for thousands of clients and specializes in working with people on the margins—queers, artists, social justice activists, mystical seekers, those in pain, those lost from themselves, those sensitive to how our world is transforming, those who can see a way forward and those who can't.

is is a Patreon page to support art, writing, and education that taps into the liberating potential of astrology.

Everything I offer here will be aligned with my mission—to foster creativity and confidence in the face of change and to help heal the wounds of oppression.

If those sound like your values, too, we'll probably be a good fit. 

As a member at any level, I thank you for your support! I look forward to creating community with you, and I invite you to help shape what we create together. 

As I build patronage, I'll be adding more ambitious goals. I have a lot of ideas about what I'd like to offer, but I'm most interested in what YOU want. Message me and let me know what you're hoping for!

More about Corina: 

Corina illustrated the talismanic deck Portable Fortitude, collaborated on the Slow Holler tarot deck as artist and writer, and illustrates annual calendars of small spells with her sister as Abacus Corvus. Astrologically, she has written horoscopes for Mask Magazine, for Grindr, and currently writes queer relationship horoscopes for Autostraddle. Corina has presented workshops on topics from the politics of care to the revolutionary archetype of Eris, and is a frequent guest instructor at the Portland School of Astrology

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With this level of subscribers, I'll be able to start writing horoscopes like the ones I used to write for Mask Magazine—evocative and experimental inquiries into how to meet the times. 
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