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About Cornflake - Behind The Posts

What's going on team!? Thanks for stopping by my page!

To have made it this far, you must have seen one of my videos on YouTube (Cornflake), read a piece on my website (behindtheposts) or most likely, you just love rugby?! Welcome! Here's your chance to join the team!!

First and foremost, I appreciate the support of each of every person who has watched or read anything I have produced. Your support by interacting and viewing will always be significant! If you can't afford anything, that is fine! Your support is already fantastic, thank you! I couldn't do any of this without you all and I love every day of it!

Where did it all begun.....

Here's a short story not often told, about how the YouTube journey began......

As long as I can remember, I have dreamed of becoming a sports commentator! To pursue this, I took up some freelance journalism training! After being laughed at by local media outlets and adopting a "normal life" (what is that!?), the dream fell to the wayside. I was challenged to start on YouTube by a friend and well, six years and over 1800 videos later here we are! Sadly, no heart pulling sad story full of twist and turns to drain your emotions tonight folks..... (sorry). I just love commentating and talking about sport!

Going back to the roots, I've recently launched a website for some written pieces, yeah, I don't see my wife often...... So here's a great chance to help two people for the price of one! When I'm not working that "normal" job (again!?), you will find plenty of content for your eyes and ears, from gaming commentary videos to opinion articles and everything in between! Match previews and reviews, reports, opinions to take your enjoyment of rugby to the next level!

Why support Cornflake!?

Hi, you can just call me Steve! One pretty good reason is because all the content I create is FREE! Remember all those amazing predictions you've cash in on!? Surely someone has!? Anyway, yep, they are always free! Don't worry about the losing ones, that wasn't my fault.....

Creating videos is an extremely time consuming process. Preparing, recording, editing and rendering each video takes hours upon hours! How do you produce a video most days of a week I hear you ask?! Weekends, yep, party animal.... making videos! Add to that costs of website hosting and all the equipment required for recording! All invested out of my own pocket for the love of doing it!

Of course, there is plenty in it for you!

  1. Feel good about yourself helping out the channel cover costs and improve!
  2. Get your name in video outros and a special website page as a supporter!
  3. A special patreons only Discord channel!
  4. Access to PC mods/rosters used in my RC videos!
  5. Boosted stat SuperStar status for the Subscriber Series!
  6. Priority to questions and requests.
  7. Bonus videos and articles for only you to watch and read! Behind the scenes, steams etc
  8. Being a great friend of the platform!!!
  9. Plus more to be added in future!
Speaking of the future... What's the plan!?

On the serious side of things, your help on the journey to having a different voice to mainstream media is critical! The long term view is to grow BTP to be a sporting hub for all your sports news requirements! Being able to help out other aspiring writers with exposure and writing awesome pieces! 

The YT channel has been running on no funds for years now and I am looking to make it past 10k subs and beyond and following that I want to grow the content! Doing this part or full time, as employment or anything like that would be utterly AMAZING!

But overall I do this because I enjoy it. The videos are fun to make, the words roll out my mouth and it's fun to interact with each and every one of you!

If you can afford a spare coin or two, thank you so very much! If not, again, your support in viewership is just as helpful and thank you to all of you also! I couldn't do any of this without you all!
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