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Cortland Mahoney

Creating New Music Theory

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About Cortland Mahoney

Did you know traditional music theory doesn't make sense?

We generally have some pretty good guesses on how to write music. We can do better, with a new music theory.

How do you know it works?

Because I built an application that helps you write music. You can write a song right now in less than 10 seconds.

This is the journey

of a formal proof 

for music.

Since May 2021,

I have been working full time on developing a new and extremely exciting Music Theory. A system that anybody can easily use, and is guaranteed to sound good. It is truly thrilling, and is honestly my proudest musical achievement of all time.

The best part - this system is so much easier to share and understand compared to the "do re me fa so la si" or "A B C D E F G sharp flat double sharp quarter tone flat" system we know.

Why would anybody want to prove music though,

when it already just sounds and feels good?

Well, we already know that music has changed a lot over time. For example, think about the year 1600. Most music then was in string instruments, choirs, and some basic horns. Later we started adding things like wind instruments with keys and big drums. Closer to now we added some electronics to our guitars and cymbals for our drum kits. Now people even ditch all of those things for DJ decks and loudspeakers!

So how could a new music theory possibly help a DJ?

Have you ever wanted to write a song but didn't know where to start?
What if you could clear up the confusion on how to make a melody and bass line that fit together, and easily build up drum parts and fit it all together with cords?
Instead of sheet music and learning to play an instrument, composing new, original music can be as simple as playing a crossword puzzle or sudoku. Even as simple as pressing a button (looking at you Synthony).

That sounds awesome! Where can I gets some?

At the moment, I have to keep these methods private.
But why, after all this work?

Because it has all been a labor of love, working full time for over 8 months on my own savings. And yes, love is free, but life on Earth is not [yet].

Now is your chance to help me push it further, harder. Soon you can dive deep with me into the future of music making.

The sooner we get there,

The sooner I can share these secrets with the world. And believe me- I want more people to work on this theory! New ideas are even better when shared with community.

I have already given you the fruits of my labor - Synthony, our song factory.

Can you share some of your fruits with me too?

Thank you!

Cortland Mahoney

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