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In addition to my most genuine of thanks, you're also going to get Coverville Bonus Podcasts: A regularly produced series of podcasts that aren't available to non-Patrons! Bonus Tracks episodes are where I can provide random types of shows that I just can't do on the main feed - shows like Guess the Connection, and Same Song Six-Pack! These will automatically appear here in the Patreon RSS feed.

You're also going to get a hint here in Patreon every time I do Guess The Connection - something that'll help you get the right answer and maybe win a prize!

I'm also going to give you a portion of your pattern pledge back - in the form of a Coverville Store Coupon. This coupon is stackable, so if you collect a few of them over the course of a year, you'll be able to apply all of them at once to get a Coverville T-Shirt at a massive discount, or for FREE if you save up a year's worth! (Basically this is my solution for the annual Citizen shipments, because Patreon doesn't have a way of letting me know when it's your anniversary)

You'll also get access to the Citizen-Only Discord Channel, where you can be part of discussions with me and other music fans. This is a priority channel, so if you post, I get a notification.

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You've taken up residence in Coverville, and for that I thank you. You'll get all the stuff mentioned above (Bonus Episodes, Guess The Connection clues, and the Citizen-Only Discord Channel).

You're also going to get a stackable $3.00 coupon code every month, which you can use in the Coverville Store. Buy shirts, USB drives or more, and if you save up your codes for multiple months, you can apply them all at once for a massive discount on swag!

In addition, I want to hear your voice on the show: Contribute a recorded stinger for the show that I can play between songs in long music sets. You can even promote whatever you want. You're a Citizen after all! 

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About Brian Ibbott

Since I started Coverville back in 2004, it's moved from being a hobby to a full-time job. Working with labels and artists, helping develop cover albums for Coverville Records, finding the best music, and of course, producing a weekly show! All this means I get the pleasure of doing what I love, but as the cost of limiting other freelance obligations. This is where I need your help.

I want to keep doing all these things, but more importantly, I want them to get better and better. One cover album a year? NO! Let's do more! Interviews? Let's bring 'em back! A faster, bigger and more robust website with instant access to a cover database and a library of shows? Let's do it!

Coverville isn't just a podcast or a website, it's a community. There's a reason I try to make it feel like a fictional geographic location where all this stuff happens. It's the small town where you'll grab a coffee in a cafe where a cool indie band is playing their version of "Seven Nation Army". It's the bar on the outskirts of town where every night there's a new band that doesn't perform "Free Bird". It's the dusty old record store next to town square where the owner always has that new UK import of the single where the b-side is that amazing version of "Shine on You Crazy Diamond." And you're not just listeners, you're Citizens.

Thanks in advance for your support - I look forward to everything we can do together!
$1,000 - reached! per month
The Coverville site is the vessel of the podcast, and let's face it, we need a faster vessel. Hosting over a thousand shows, and home to a huge database of cover songs takes bandwidth, and using the shared hosting I've been using, the floorboards are creaking.  I'll use this money to move Coverville to its own dedicated server with my hosting provider, and make the whole thing move faster.
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