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About Colin Percival

I've been working on making FreeBSD run on the Amazon EC2 platform for about a decade now. I first got it booting in December 2010, and as of April 2015 it has been running smoothly enough to be a standard part of FreeBSD releases.

However, there is always more work to be done; I have regular conference calls with Amazon to discuss new developments in the world of AWS and how FreeBSD can make use of them, and spend a significant amount of time both writing code myself and coordinating with other FreeBSD developers who are working on relevant parts of the FreeBSD codebase.

While I started working on FreeBSD/EC2 to meet a personal need - or rather, the needs of my online backup service, Tarsnap - as EC2 has developed and this project has expanded it has become clear that there is work which would be useful for FreeBSD but which isn't useful for the ways that Tarsnap uses EC2.  As such, I'm hoping to raise some donations to cover the time I have to take away from my "day job"; and also in the process to provide me with a budget for things like conference travel.

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