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is creating Steampunk and Gothic stories/poems and mental health awareness

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  • A monthly author advice column
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  • Have your name in the acknowledgements page of any patron-funded books. 
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  • All patrons can now submit a single chapter of their own work for me to edit in a video which will then be posted to Youtube. It's a great way to get an edit on your chapter, spread the word about your work, and help others to learn at the same time!


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  • All of the Nuggets tier
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  • Fans of The Adventures of Alan Shaw series will see patron-exclusive Alan Shaw stories here, too

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About Craig Hallam

Thank you for checking out my Patreon page!

My quest is to share the best possible fiction and poetry with all of you, and you can help me do it.

Who am I?

My name's Craig Hallam and I'm an international bestselling author. First published by the British Fantasy Society, I now have readers the world over. I have several novels published with Inspired Quill and you can check out my books HERE. I put a lot of time into advocating for equality, inclusivity and those living with depression and anxiety. My book on living with depression, Down Days, was an international bestseller and was a finalist for the IAN Outstanding First Non-Fiction award. 

I'm a hard working author who loves what they do. However, while writing is a full-time job, it doesn't pay like one.

In order to continue working on new stories, plus travelling to book signings and events all across the country, I need a little help.

Why join the team?

I couldn't do what I do without my team. Every friend, family member, patron and reader is really important to me. I hope that you'll join them.

A monthly subscription of $1 gets you access to the newsletter where you find out about upcoming book releases and signings before anyone else. The newsletter also includes an author advice column focussing on combating the stresses of being a creative person in a cutthroat world, but also Down Days blog posts following the release of my mental health book of the same name. You will also be acknowledged in any patron-funded books in the future and get to see patron-only videos of events that I attend thanks to your help.

If you can give a little extra, you'll get brand new poems and short stories every month. Some of these stories, for fans of the Adventures of Alan Shaw series, will expand on Alan's world and have never been shared anywhere else. Patrons of the $10 tier get all of that plus monthly chapters of a serialised novella well before anyone will see it in the wild. You'll also get a signed copy sent to you once it's in print.

Finally, for the Gifts tier patrons, you'll receive all of that plus a signed copy of every one of my new books as they arrive in your mailbox.

Your patronage allows me to:
  • Work harder - I want to devote more time to making stories to share with you all
  • Attend signings - Getting around the country to book signings and conventions is expensive
  • Live - Paying the bills and eating

What kind of content will you be getting access to?

There's so much to share with you all:

  • Oshibana Complex - This novella is now published but you can still read it here! A philosophical cyberpunk novella about the future of humanity featuring non-binary characters.
  • Emi - This novel has now been published but you can still read it here! A dark fairy tale about a little dead girl in a world of monsters inspired by Japanese mythology (to be illustrated by Tom Brown of Hopeless, Maine)
  • Rhymes Beyond Reason - A collection of spooky poems perfect for my favourite holiday: Halloween
  • Down Days - This international bestseller published but you can still read it here! A non-fiction book chronicling my experiences of living with depression and anxiety written to help others like me to feel less alone.
  • Down Days: The Poetry - A collection of expressive poetry and companion to the bestselling book
  • Aethertide - A fantasy comic about two female adventurers leaping between dimensions in the Victorian era
  • Sooooo many more still waiting in my notebooks

Will you join me?

Being an author has already been a crazy ride. I'd like to take you along. Only with your help can all of this become a reality. Thank you for reading.
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Reaching this amount per month will mean that I can afford table costs and travel for one book signing or convention a month. That means spreading stories to more people and places, keeping in touch with existing readers and finding new ones.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 184 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 184 exclusive posts

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