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This is a trial subscription to some of our best work to date. These hand picked interviews and remote viewing sessions are JUST the tip of what is available. Try it out and see if you CRAVE more truth and knowledge.

Please go to the CryptoViewing homepage on Patreon: and filter posts by TIER. Please select the "TRIAL SUBSCRIPTION" and will see the feature videos we have made available.

We wanted to offer a glimpse into what is available for a small fee. We're sure you won't be disappointed with the content, you can not find this content anywhere else in one place.

We hope you enjoy the videos and will subscribe long term with us!
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  • CryptoViewing Interviews*
  • Crypto Sessions (1 per month)
  • Crypto Session Debrief*
  • World Events
  • World Events Debriefs*

* When available 


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  • Dick Allgire’s World Views
  • CryptoViewing Interviews*
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  • Crypto Session Debrief*
  • Woo Woo Sessions* 
  • Health Related Sessions*
  • World Events
  • World Events Debriefs*

* When available 

About CryptoViewing

We thank you for your interest in the CryptoViewing channel and our team.

FOR EXAMPLE: If you join on the 25th of the month, you will be billed for the current
month and then in a few days for the NEXT month. 
We have a tiered subscriber system.
The subscriber packages are listed to the right. Please decide what subscriber level makes
most sense to you and your budget. Not all tiers have access to all content.

We decide at our discretion what will be the crypto session of the month for all subscribers and then what is available per tier. It is not an exact science and we are working extremely hard to ensure the value is there for every subscriber we have here with us. We are also looking into selling individual sessions on VIMEO. We will keep everyone posted on that development.

Again, we thank you for your support and continue to wish you great success and knowledge in the coming transition to the age of the digital monetary system.  





We are a  group of multi disciplinary journeymen bringing Remote Viewing to the forefront of economic forecasting for currency and cryprocurrency markets. By supporting us, we will reveal special information and sessions not readily available on the website. For far too long, remote viewers have been underutilized and underappreciated. We are changing this for good. 

Throughout history, soothsayers and oracles were regarded in some of the highest circles, the most famous being Nostradamus. They predicted things which had no other legitimate explanation. The Universe has a resonance and these gifted beings have proven ability to tap into this higher consciousness and extract answers which they could not otherwise produce.

Join us, we are beginning a Woo Hoo journey for all. The world as we know it is rapidly being recreated, be wise and be ready with sage advice from the universal voice. We thank you for your support of this journey. Your generous contributions allow us all to work on very important topics which will most certainly change the world with passion and purpose. 

With gratitude and service, we thank you.

The CryptoViewing Group

All information contained herein from CryptoViewing / Future Forecasting Group is provided for entertainment purposes only, and should not be construed as any type of advice, medical, legal, or financial. CryptoViewing / Future Forecasting Group disclaims all liability in regards to actions taken or not taken based on any or all of the contents in this presentation. Any person/entity seeking to make any decisions financial or otherwise, should seek appropriate and professional representation.

Remote Viewing is an intuitive skill and should only be used in conjunction with other sources of information to make informed decisions and evaluations. Remote Viewing is not 100% accurate and the data supplied by trained remote viewers can be affect by many things which hence affect overall accuracy. The remote viewing contained within is for entertainment purposes only.

CryptoViewing, Future Forecasting Group, LLC.
is the copyright owner of all material published on the Patreon channel "CryptoViewing" and on the web site. As provided by United States copyright law (Title 17, U.S. Code), no part of CryptoViewing may be reproduced, modified, displayed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying or by information storage or retrieval systems, without prior written permission.

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Create a safe haven for remote viewing and the advancement of the art and science of remote viewing. We plan to connect remote viewers on every continent throughout the world. 
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