Curt Jaimungal

is creating Interviews on Theories of Everything, Consciousness, and God.

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About Curt Jaimungal

Follow me on the journey to explicate on Theories of Everything, as well as contiguous though seemingly excursive topics like Consciousness, Free Will, Rationality, and God.

My name is Curt Jaimungal, and I'm a Torontonian filmmaker making a documentary on the above topics (as for what shape the final settled project will take, I'm unsure). During the exploratory phase, there will be a plethora of interviews / conversations with intellectuals placed on this channel -- approximately un-edited. I do not sacrifice technical details in exchange for more views, and am comfortable alienating large parts of the traditional audience in favor of fastidious rigor (see my Donald Hoffman conversation as a prime example).

One of the goals of the channel, which I've only ever stated here (as of Aug 19 2020, this reveal is exclusive to this Patreon description),is to disambiguate the variegated Theories of Everything into a form palatable to those who don't have much understanding of these areas. No one has done this and it boggles me. No single physicist has a grasp, or even rudimentary understanding of all the contenders for Theories of Everything. There are a few valid reasons for this:

1) It's difficult (but theoretical physicists are a prehensile bunch, which precludes this as being the reason)

2) It's time consuming to review all possible TOE's

3) Most who generate their own TOE don't look to others because of either a competitive spirit or bias (see a recent Weinstein vs Wolfram debate as evidence that titans in the field aren't able to articulate the other's side in a manner such that they agree)

4) There's a stigma against taking certain ideas seriously (such as Hoffman's consciousness model, or E8, or Klee Irwin's ideas)

With regards to #4, I don't hold such a prejudice (perhaps of a stubborn / rebellious predisposition!) and in fact am willing to entertain so-called "cranks" who email me -- which mostly no other physicist does, and often for good reason; there's plenty of muck. Though gold is found in murky bedrock. The two conditions I have for those with TOE's is that #1 someone email me a PDF of their "theory," and that #2 that someone is willing to have their ideas criticized academically and publicly on the YouTube channel.

My previous documentary is imminent is on the topic of "when does the left go too far?" (other tangential tendrils are related to Evolutionary Biology / Parapsychology / Neuropsychology / Cognitive Science / Psychedelics / Evil / Good -- an eclectic mix)

If you'd like to support this endeavor then please donate as currently I'm doing this pro bono. As of right now, please only help out if you can spare it as I don't anticipate adding any supplementary bonuses here, in the short run

Thank you for your charitable and kindhearted support. - Curt Jaimungal
50 - reached! patrons
Start hosting multiple intellectuals at once, not for debate but for the construction of new ideas (think elenchus vs maieutic). The first of such will be Bernardo Kastrup, Donald Hoffman, and John Vervaeke. I'm debating if the live-stream of which will be exclusively sent out to Patrons or not, and re-uploaded at a later date for the public. I'm leaning more toward keeping it open to the public because I'm not a fan of exclusivity for heavyweights like the above.
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