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About David Hopkins

I am a fantasy novelist with an interest in medieval history, fairy tales, and myth. I'm currently writing The Dryad’s Crowna story set in the vast world of Efre Ousel. I've been self-publishing this epic fantasy as a series of nine novellas—each about 20,000 words or 80 pages. I'm on schedule to release a new book every three to four months. Once completed, with your support, we'll produce a print version and an audiobook.

With legal assistance from David Lizerbram & Associates®, the Efre Ousel setting was created with “open content” enabling others to write in this world and maintain ownership of the stories they create. (See License and Permission in the Efre Ousel campaign setting for more details.) My hope is to foster a collaborative community, where other storytellers can build upon each other’s work.

With your help through Patreon, we're able to:

  • Produce the Efre Ousel campaign setting
  • Commission a map by award-winning fantasy cartographer, Francesca Baerald
  • Commission interior illustrations by Daniel Decena for The Dryad's Crown
  • Hire development editor, Holly Walrath, to provide guidance on the series
  • Produce an audiobook of The Dryad's Crown with acclaimed narrator, Lindsey Dorcus
  • Promote all of the above

Other projects include:

  • Additional novels set in Efre Ousel
  • An introduction to the language of Volir
  • A fantasy literature anthology
  • What else? Who knows?

I greatly appreciate your support, and in return, I will do my best to write fantastic stories that draw from a dark, weird, beautiful well of myth.
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(Deep breath.) This idea has been swirling around in my head for a while. If we're able to reach this goal, I say we go for it. I'd like to produce a yearly anthology of fantasy literature. It will pay SFWA-qualifying rates. I'll work as the series editor, and I'll find some great stories to share. I got the inspiration when I found out about George R.R. Martin's New Voices in Science Fiction anthology.

Note: It's possible I will partner with another publisher/editor to offset some of the expenses. Patreon might not cover everything. All I can promise is that I'll make it happen.
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