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About The Dawdler's Philosophy

Most hustlers won’t wait to put off to tomorrow what they can do today. Not us! We can’t wait to put off to tomorrow what we can do today. We’re overripe fruit of the late bloom. Dawdlers. But all things must come to a partial end and this is partially it! ...a whimper into the abyss...

This our Patreon page! We do a podcast we call The Dawdler's Philosophy. It's just two of us, Harland and Ryan (maybe not making it even if we try). We mostly talk about ideas and science and stuff. 

We try to define the terms we use and, well, we try to be nice to each other.

Expect content. We aren't interested in spectacle or forced passion and drama. But we're also as advertised. This is a maximum hope, minimum expectations project. 

Hence, Patreon.

We hope to make episodes of good technical quality but aren't reliable enough to make it happen ourselves all the time. So, Harland has a nice mic. Ryan does not. Software for these kinds of endeavors requires computers and shit. And our habitual dawdling is hardening as we age. Are we expected to work hard? Jesus...

We will keep a running list of items we think we need describing what they are, what they're for, and how much they cost (we think--this may not be how its done, but we'll get there). You, whoever you are, will dig deep into your pockets for any leftover warm, couldn't-say-they-were-dry pennies.

Thanks in advance,

Harland & Ryan (The Dawdlers)

p.s., The image we use in our profile picture is by Albanian artist, Medi Belortaja. His work is excellent. The piece is called, "To Dawdle".
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Ryan probably needs a faster computer for the purposes of editing. ~ $500-$1000
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