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About Dawmino

Why Support Dawmino on Patreon?

Dawmino is an artist from Texas that is available for both SFW and NSFW commissions, typically containing furry characters in physics-defying situations! But by no means is he limited to just that!
Over a decade of experience has taught Dawmino how to be quick, versatile, flexible, unique, and professional when doing work for his clients.
Perhaps you would like to commission Dawmino, or have done so before and wish you could get a bit more. After all, due to very high demand, Dawmino's skills are hard to get a hold of!
Or maybe you'd just like to see Dawmino's art in the highest quality possible?
The opportunity to vote on the subject of a monthly shaded picture is also available!
Would you like to receive a custom doodle each month?
You may want to try to figure out how the magic happens and take a peek at his source files!

Monthly Democratic Drawing

Each month, Dawmino will draw a shaded one-character picture that is voted on by all patrons.
First, the character to be drawn will be suggested by patrons of the appropriate tier and then voted on by all patrons.
After that, I'll take suggestions for scenarios for the winning character to be drawn into, which will also then be voted on.
Allow Dawmino to worry about the timing of these suggestion and voting events, and just keep an eye out for the posts! You'll be given at least 24 hours to submit a vote. Suggestions for characters and scenarios will be taken for as long as needed for everyone to submit what they like.
If you have any questions about this process, don't hesitate to ask.

  • Any character may be used as long as you own it or have permission. Exceptions are made for characters from mass media that fall under fair use.
  • The owner of the character may veto any scenario suggestion they are not comfortable with and will have final say on the list of scenario suggestions to be voted on. That said, if you do submit a character of your own creation, please understand that it's best not to suggest a character if you think you will have to veto many suggestions.
  • Character and scenario suggestions must fall under my usual commission guidelines. If a character that is not appropriate for NSFW art wins the vote, then scenario suggestions will be limited to SFW content.
  • Dawmino may veto a character or scenario suggestion for any reason.
  • Those who have their suggestions vetoed are free to make another suggestion. For scenarios, the best thing to do will be to ask the character owner if they are okay with your idea before you submit it, but that is not required.
  • If there are fewer than two character or scenario suggestions submitted, "Dawmino's Choice" will appear as one of the options to vote on.
  • You'll be asked to provide links to pictures of the character you are submitting so that Dawmino can show them to voters.

Custom Doodles

Each month, patrons of the highest tier will have a custom doodle drawn to their specification.
This doodle must fall under Dawmino's usual commission rules.
The doodle will be completed in 30 minutes to under an hour, be drawn with line art, but not sketched beforehand, and will be given simple flat coloring. By default, Dawmino will likely draw something very silly looking, but you are free to make Dawmino take another approach! As long as it is something that Dawmino can finish in just under an hour. These doodles will be worked on in quick succession and streamed, but there will be ample time for you to decide beforehand what you would like drawn that month.

Dawmino's Commission Process

There are two main ways to commission Dawmino...

The Commission Slot Batch and Discount Streams

Both of these involve special software that Dawmino designed that displays potential clients' names on a Picarto livestream, and randomly selects one or more winners. Winners are then able to submit a work order to Dawmino, which he will then record into his planner, or start working on right there during the stream, as the case may be. This is not free-of-charge though. These streams are for assigning paid commissions. Remember that!
However, entry for both of these IS free, and IS NOT limited to only Patreon patrons!
Patrons do not receive any advantages or priority in this process other than their discounts.

Commission Slot Batches:

When Dawmino is close to completing his previous commission slot batch, he will put out a week's notice for the next batch of full-price commissions! He will take names from applicants and put them in a list.
When the week's notice is over, he will run a stream to announce who randomly gets a slot.
Typically, this is 10 people per batch. These people will be added to Dawmino's commission queue in the order that they won, as determined by the random number god (ALL HAIL).
Depending on what kind of work is commissioned, this can take around a month or more to complete before the next batch is open.
Typical Competition: 20-30 People

Discount Streams:

Dawmino holds discount streams available to everyone on Sundays!
Those who wish to enter for a chance at a quick discounted commission must be present for the stream. The winner's commission will be worked on, and hopefully completed, during that stream.
Usually, the discount is 50% off for sketches and line art, but the rules can change depending on current workload and available time, so keep an eye out!
Typical Competition: 5-15 People


Sunday: Discount Stream
Monday-Wednesday: Commission Batch Work
Commission Batch Stream (or Doodle Reward Stream)
Friday-Saturday: Free Time


(If you have questions about pricing, you're encouraged to ask for clarification!)

Hi-Res Art and Source Files

Most of Dawmino's art exceeds 1500x1500 pixels in size, varies in dimensions, and is exported in lossless PNG format.
Dawmino draws using Clip Studio Paint EX, so his source files are in the ".clip" format.
Warning! If you have a lower-tier version of Clip Studio that doesn't support features available in EX, particularly for animations, you may have trouble using the files.
However, if you don't have a compatible version of Clip Studio, and there's a file you really want to look at, you may ask Dawmino to create a photoshop format export which can be used in a wider range of art apps, though this may create unforeseen changes in the file.
You are NOT ALLOWED to edit, re-export, or upload the work from these files without Dawmino's direct permission unless you are the client that paid for the work.
Dawmino's source files are for study only, and he'd appreciate it if you limited the hi-res art to private use.

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 681 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 681 exclusive posts

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