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About DC on SCREEN

We're Dave and Jason. We have a podcast that covers the DC Universe properties on film and television! Let's go over who we are and what that means to us:

  1. We cover it all. When we started this show, we decided we wanted to talk about everything that was produced based on DC Universe characters. After all, we'd already been doing that for years anyway (only without microphones). We produce episodes about current events of interest for the films and television series as well as review episodes for each motion picture and live-action season premiere, followed by a review of the full season with an emphasis on the season finale. We review animated films/series as we are able.
  2. Don't expect us to get sucked into the scoop wars. If something's interesting, we'll probably talk about it for laughs, but we don't get wrapped up in what all the scoopers are saying. We keep our tin foil in our kitchen drawers, not on our heads.
  3. It's all valid. We love DC Comics, and we believe that the comics and characters within must evolve to remain relevant, that most have had myriad incarnations since their introduction, and that there is no "true" version of any character or story. All versions are valid (even when we really don't want them to be).
  4. Sometimes we change our minds. As the comics and characters evolve, so must we. When we started this show in 2015, we were different people. Time with our growing community of listeners (as well as fellow podcasters) has broadened our thoughts and feelings on certain films. We're not afraid to be positive or critical of any given project, nor do we fear changing our minds about those projects. For instance, Dave's opinions on Man of Steel have noticeably softened since our initial review in 2015 while his opinions on Justice League have noticeably soured.
  5. We like Marvel. That doesn't mean we want DC Films/television to mimic the Marvel formula. It only means that we mostly enjoy what Marvel produces, and we have no interest in tearing them down. Nor should DC be expected to do anything as Marvel does it. It's best for everyone that all parties succeed on their own terms.
  6. We made this for ourselves (and therefore, you). We were both frustrated when listening to Kevin Smith review Gotham on Fatman on Batman because we desperately wanted to hear his opinions on The Flash and Arrow, too. So too were we frustrated by other podcasts who only covered one series and didn't adequately touch on the others. We wanted a fun podcast where we could hear the same hosts talk about different related properties. And that's what we decided to create (again. We were already doing it, anyway...)

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