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 The base level monthly pledge.  All patrons will have access to the Art Journal: every week I am making artwork, and every Friday I will share what I've created that week- whether it's finished or not- and post a write-up about what I'm making, what my goals are and what my thought processes are towards reaching those goals. I'm a very prolific artist with a fondness for lighting, space, depth and motion, so I'll have interesting thoughts for both non-artists and artists alike to read- you're welcome to adopt any tricks you might learn here for your own work! This is a weekly open studio and everyone is invited. 

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The Games Tier pledge. Patrons at this level and above will have access to the Developer's Log in addition to the art journal above: The Dead Winter video game isn't a new idea, it's been in planning for many years so a lot of the foundation work has already been done and there is a lot to talk about!  In the Dev Log we'll discuss what the game is about, what our goals are, what mechanical elements we want to include in the game, how we want to challenge players, what tools we plan to give them to meet those challenges and more. Additionally, as development continues we'll be chronicling the ups and downs of building our first video game- we don't expect everything to go off without a hitch and we've already reworked some problem elements, and all of that will be covered here too.  

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Games Tier Beta patrons receive all of the above and are also welcome to access Alpha and Beta builds of the game. We're not planning on having the popular Early Access model but there are planned times where we will need help stress-testing the game, seeing how the code runs on different machines, what computers can handle how many elements on-screen at once and whether one gameplay element or another is proving too easy or too difficult for players. All Games patrons will be invited to play these builds and submit feedback if they'd like.

Patrons at this level have access to a special Discord role- you can read the game development channel and see the game being built in real-time.

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About Allison Shabet

***UPDATE*** Dead Winter has a Discord server!  Patrons have access to unique roles, if you'd like you can join here:

###NEW GAME DEMO AVAILABLE### For Backstage Pass holders, you can try out a complete moveset for all four playable characters in a small survival arena.  Get a feel for the combat system we're building as we prepare for our next milestone build.


My name is Allison Shabet. I've been making comics on the web since 2007: I write a comic called Dead Winter, a story about the collapse and reconstruction of civilization as we know it and the often-poetic adventures of four companions trying to tie their personal loose ends before they too are lost to the crucible of change.  You can read the entire story to date for free online at I am expanding my body of work into video games as well. I'm classically trained in oils and watermedia and have long incorporated animation into the sequential medium of comics, but I'm always learning something new. 

The Dead Winter video game has been in development for a little while now. We've shaken the bugs out of our process and are moving forward towards solid, playabe builds we can share.  Our game is a four-player sice-scrolling beat-'em-up in the tradition of classic arcade games of the past.  Based on the comic, players can choose to play as Lizzie, Alice, Monday and Lou and face a variety of obstacles from eight different factions.  The core goals of the game are to a) create a game that can be enjoyed in short or long sessions, to be played on a lunch break or all night with friends, and b) develop a system that is accessible to new players while providing veteran players with room to grow and improve at the game.  The heart of our game design is allowing people of all experience levels to play together without anyone feeling like they're behind the curve. We've refined our system and we're very close to this ambition becoming a reality, and we'd like you to be a part of the project!

With the help of programmer and musician Jason Klug we're on our way to making it a reality, but with the support of our Patrons we'll be able to devote more time and effort into our creative pursuits and bring them to fruition the sooner and the better!  We have a number of incentives planned for Patrons, including art journals detailing the thought processes behind our comics and a developer's log to flesh out and chronicle the development of the game.  

We're extremely capable in our combined talents and we have years dedicated to the content already, now is just the big push into the future! We'd love for you to join us on an exciting new part of our creative journey.
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A cost of living goal, at this goal I can ensure I'll be able to continue working on this project unimpeded.
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