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Access to WAV and MP3 audio from all of my videos, plus any extra Patreon-exclusive stuff I decide to put up here in the future. Big things will be charged per creation, but I will definitely put the odd little free thing up here too :)
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About Emma Deerful

What do you do?
I make music, and YouTube videos, and sometimes other stuff too like Twitter bots and games and bits of writing.  

What's this for? 

Mostly I set this up because people keep asking me if downloads of the audio from my videos exists -- music that's not properly released and available for purchase, but are still out in the world hoping to be loved. The answer up until now has been 'no but I'll get to it'. It seems to make sense to make it a thing here.

Don't feel obliged. We all know I can't stop you from just ripping the audio from the videos, I'm sure loads of people already have and I wish them happy listening. HOWEVER, if you would *like* to support me financially, please consider this Patreon a tip jar.

I am not at all expecting big extravagant patronages - a dollar per creation (capped monthly if you like!) seems about the right ballpark. If you do pledge I am beyond grateful. My output here is very occasional at the moment, mostly due to my PhD. If that changes, there is a possibility I may switch to a monthly model, but if I do I'll let you know well in advance. 

What will I get?
Where possible, I am including both WAV + MP3 versions of songs, and stem tracks in case you want to remix or sample them (since a few people have asked). The exception is a) if I've lost the files (Riches and Wonders :( ) or b) if the track is an original one I plan to later release (for now that's just Break) - I will, however, supply stems as and when it is officially released. I hope that's okay!

Audio and stems for any new content will be uploaded to Patreon at the same time as the video in question is uploaded to YouTube. Pledges are charged for new content - any stuff I posted before you signed up is also available to you indefinitely for free. 

I will also definitely put occasional small projects in various mediums here which won't be charged, as well as premieres of things that will ultimately go public. Both of these will be available to you exclusively for free, so watch out for those.

Talk to me and let me know if there's anything else you'd like to see here!
58% complete
This would allow me to start saving towards a camera and a better microphone - I currently use my phone and a USB mic! :) Quality will obviously noticeably go up if this happens.
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