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support for overcoming pro-aging mindsets and beliefs.

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This is a minimal amount that can help me to help others to over come pro aging mindsets. Thank you!

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I strongly believe that aging should be defeated. Pledging just 4 dollars per month will help me to continue doing what I am attempting to do. 

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About Michael Ten

I am attempting to hasten the defeat of aging by helping individuals to overcome the pro-aging mindset. 

For every year by which we hasten the defeat of aging, we can save about 36,000,000 lives. Please support me here on Patreon.

I have already published books related to what I am working towards. I have published two books related to defeating aging. These books are Attempt to Utilize Cryonics and Radical Life Extension. 

Articles related to defeating aging that I have already published, over a dozen. Videos that I have already published related to defeating aging include more than one dozen.

I have also managed a Facebook page, Radical Life Extension. It has almost 2,000 likes so far.

Please keep in mind that thus far I have bootstrapped everything. I have not previously had support in creating content related to defeating aging.

If Patreon can fund me to a decent wage then I will help to hasten the defeat of aging full time. Until I am able to fund these projects, then then will remain as a hobby. Regardless, I will continue to help hasten the defeat of aging in my spare time. 

I have a masters degree in psychology. I can utilize my knowledge of psychology to help individuals to overcome pro-aging mindsets and beliefs.

Please follow me on Twitter for more frequent updates.
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I am seeking to increase the quality of the media that I produce. 

I intend on publishing and creating more media related to the defeat of aging and cryonics. 

This will enable me to continue doing what I am passionate about in a way that benefits myself and others.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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