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About Denise Alvarado

Greetings! Thank you for making it to my Patreon page. I am Denise Alvarado and I am an artist and author and extremely prolific at both. Patreon is a means for people like me to create artistic content to freely publish and contribute to the open web. Or do other stuff, like write funky voodoo hoodoo books. I have a HUGE vision for 2022 and I would like YOU to be a part of it. With your support, you can help me to execute my vision. 

Many of you know me already by one or more of the books, magazines and almanacs I have authored. You can see some of my books on my Author page on Amazon and more on my website Creole Moon. Some of you may have found your way here via a conjure course or my exclusive Conjure Club. However you got here, welcome! I hope you decide to set a spell.

My most recent project, "Witch Queens, Voudou Spirits, and Hoodoo Saints: A Guide to Magical New Orleans," was completed and published by Weiser Books. I have now started a new project tentatively called "A New Orleans Magickal Formulary." This will be an extremely useful reference book for creating magickal oils and potions with a New Orleans flair. Becoming a patron will help subsidize my efforts to create this much needed compendium!

In addition to the above book, I have several ebooks in the works, several of which I give first access to my patrons.

I'm hoping that there is enough interest in this way of doing things that I can continue to provide the general public with the information people want and need. The more subscribers I get, the more I can create. If you enjoy my work, you can help fund my vision with a small monthly donation of $3 or more. Please consider joining as a patron so that you can help me achieve my goals. You can set your monthly max so you never go over your monthly budget! For your support, I am offering some pretty awesome rewards, too. Be sure to check them all out before deciding how much you want to pledge.

Thank you so much in advance for your support!
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When I hit $1000.00 a month, I will be able to publish up to three publications this year without breaking the bank and without delay.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 47 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 47 exclusive posts

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