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About Pavlo (Paul) Buidenkov

Hi, I'm Paul - the guy behind Deskreen. I did a lot of planning, research and development to bring Deskreen to life. It was a lot of fun to go through challenges to make a first Deskreen release appear. :)

Deskreen - is a blend of words 'desktop' and 'screen'.

Deskreen is free and open-source forever.

Your donations and contributions will ensure release of new features and bug fixes in Deskreen.

A wishlist of what Deskreen should have:

  • Code Signing - no antivirus warnings. (Funds needed!)

  • Bug Fixes ∞

  • Maintenance ∞

  • Save trusted devices (auto connect)

  • Translating app to other languages

  • Support more platforms (ex. RaspberryPI)

  • Autostart on login

  • Access through system tray

  • Remote control

  • Stylus support (for drawing)

  • And many many more...

Your donations will help me to stay motivated to accomplish these goals.

The Story of Deskreen

"It all started with me wanting to use my iPad as a second screen for my Macbook. But I found that it is already outdated to use a MacOS built in feature called 'Sidecar' and I have to buy a new iPad. I also have a Windows PC sometimes and I wanted to use my iPad as second screen for it as well. I tried to look for FREE solutions out there, but I could not find anything that would fit my requirements. Besides, all methods and software I found were different for Windows, Mac and Linux. I got very confused about it. Then I got an idea of creating Deskreen. I decided to make it free and open-source to help people to solve this problem. Deskreen works the same for Windows, MacOS and Linux.
People nowadays are buying new devices very often and may have an old tablet, phone or laptop that they stopped using. If your old tablet, phone or laptop is still able to run a browser, Deskreen can help you to bring a new life to your old digital buddy, and you can start using it as a second monitor for your laptop."
by Pavlo (Paul) Buidenkov, Deskreen Creator
$22.34 of $500 per month
"When I reach $500 per month, I’ll dedicate more time in one working day of the week to spend it on adding new features and doing bug fixes in Deskreen"
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