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Born of the U.S. government’s 1928 raid on the degenerate coastal town of Innsmouth, Massachusetts, the covert agency known as Delta Green opposes the forces of darkness with honor but without glory. Delta Green agents fight to save humanity from unnatural horrors—often at a shattering personal cost.
      In Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game, the players are those agents. They fight to keep terrors from beyond space and time from infecting the world and claiming human lives and sanity. The Handler is the game moderator who creates and interprets their world, presents the unnatural horror that they investigate, and describes the awful aftermath of their sacrifices.


Welcome to Delta Green. People come to Delta Green for many different reasons. They may like to weave a story, fashion a mystery, or devise some new horror. Whatever the reasons, in the end, that creation is never simple. When all the layers of the investigation are pulled back, more often than not, what is revealed is the stark nothingness of infinity.
     Consider this overview a mandate.
     Delta Green is about the end of humanity.
     You may make it seem to be about other things from time to time. About family. About life. About the things that make us human. It has all these things, but that’s not what it’s about.
     It lies.
     Delta Green is about three people killed in a stand-off in the Mojave desert, bang, bang, bang, and a box that contained a single ingot of unknown metal labeled “SURFACE SAMPLE BUCKET 1.”
     Delta Green is about piecing together the string of NASA suicides and realizing that ER10911 is on a collision course with the Earth in 19 months. That your mother and father and sister and her sons have 19 months to live. That the world will be scraped clean by fire...unless....
     Delta Green is about an agent, broken and mad with her screaming two-year-old strapped in the car seat, speeding away from a burning house where her husband’s corpse cooks—because it wasn’t her husband, it was something else.

      Delta Green is not about love.
      Delta Green is not about safety.
      Delta Green is not about reason.
      Delta Green is about humanity’s true place in the universe.

     And that place is nowhere. We are ticks boiling on a mote in a sea of nothing, and we will no more take to the stars than we will cure the ills that destroy us. Our existence is a clock winding down. When the hour strikes, entities with true consequence will sweep us away with an unconscious flick, scouring the globe clean for their limitless—infinite—plans.
      Delta Green is not about stats or weapons or killing the beast. Delta Green is about lying to your players until their Agents realize the truth. That humanity was not the first and will not be the last denizen of this world. That the Earth is haunted, and we are not even the ghosts. We are merely their shadows.

The World of Delta Green

Welcome to Delta Green, a role-playing game of horror, wonder, and conspiracy. If you are here at the Delta Green Patreon, it is likely you have chosen to become the Handler. It’s the Handler’s job to keep the players—who take the role of Delta Green Agents—engaged. You are the creator, host, and judge of all things that occur in the fictional world of Delta Green. You fill it with secrets, take the role of non-player characters (NPCs), and create the threats that they face. You roll the dice and make the calls. Only you understand the absolute truth.
      Delta Green is about truths that kill. The ultimate truth is this: In remote places, through rents in spacetime, and beyond the veil of our limited, four-dimensional existence, things await release. When they are free, humanity will burn. An isolated few in the know—Delta Green—struggle to resist this final conflagration.
      Being a Handler requires preparation, imagination, and an unwavering vision of where the game is headed. It also requires an indifference to outcome. It might seem like a good idea to alter a die roll to save an Agent or drop a vital clue when the team is on the wrong path. Resist these urges. Delta Green is not about victory. It’s about the fight.
      Delta Green is about our urge to survive and understand, in a universe wholly antithetical to human survival and understanding. Agents of Delta Green struggle to defeat threats that outstrip human comprehension, as the human world rushes towards inevitable destruction. Agents live their lives—what of their lives they can maintain—and keep the ultimate secret from their loved ones: No matter what they do, they know, eventually, the end is coming.
      Congratulations, Handler. You’ve just been promoted to the apocalypse.

The Delta Green Patreon

Welcome to the Delta Green Patreon. Every month here you'll find new are and writing to fill the dark corners of your Delta Green game: rituals, creatures, operations, new rules, one-shot missions, new weapons and more. Here, one dollar is enough to open the doors on all of our horrors. There are no tiers or special hidden sections—every dollar makes another piece of Delta Green, spread the word. Tell your friends, and share us on social media. 

About Me

My name is Dennis Detwiller. Since the 1990's, I've produced writing, art, layout and design material for lots of games, video games, card games, comic books, books and more. You may know my work from the [PROTOTYPE] video game series, from DeathSpank!, or Necropolis, or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Rooftop Run. Or from Magic: The Gathering, or any of my independent projects launched under Arc Dream Publishing.
     But my focus here is Delta Green. (Look at the many, many, Delta Green titles here.)
      It's one of the first things I ever worked on, it's one of the finest things I've ever worked on, and it's one of my most beloved properties, even today. Both the core book and the sequel Delta Green: COUNTDOWN remain among the highest rated RPG products on RPGnet for years. With Delta Green, we've won thirteen ENnies and four Origins awards for gaming excellence.
      Tons of people still pitch in and show up when we roll something out for Delta Green, and for that, I'm extremely grateful and lucky, but I want to do more. Delta Green is one of those rare concepts for which I never run out of ideas. I could write and draw for Delta Green indefinitely and always feel fulfilled. And that's what I want to do. Every dollar here is one step closer to that. Keep the conspiracy alive!

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