is creating OpenRCT2 videos, tutorials and contests!

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  • You get to make suggestions for the theme of the monthly contest. Every month, I will pick 2 or 3 suggestions that I like from patrons in this tier, and include them in the voting poll. The other 3 suggestions will come from myself.
  • Every month, you will be allowed to join in a voting poll to select the theme for the next monthly ride contest. You can select your favorite from 5 or 6 themes that I choose.
  • You get a special role on my Discord channel with a different color, to show that you are a Patreon supporter.
  • In parks I create for Youtube Series, I will name an employee after you!
  • You get access to a channel on my Discord where you can talk to other users who donate €2 to me. Here you could, for example, plot a hostile takeover of my Discord server together with other Patrons. Please don't do that. 
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About Deurklink

Hey everyone,
I run a community for the game OpenRCT2 (Open Rollercoaster Tycoon 2). I make tutorials, videos, tutorial videos, and I host contests! Some people asked me to give them a way to support me, so that's why I made this patreon page! When you give me your money I will be very happy. Oh and you will get some benefits, too!
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$105.08 - reached! per month
I will use the money to pay the person who is creating a really nice website for us! Hosting the website will also cost me some money.. I will also look into getting some proper video editing software, and maybe a new microphone! People keep telling me I need to buy a proper microphone. I want them to finally stop telling me that :)
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