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About Directus

What is Directus?

Directus is an open-source headless CMS & API for managing custom databases.

If you're not familiar with the term "headless," it essentially means that your content is decoupled from where it's displayed. Since Directus does not manage your website, templates, or business logic, you can author agnostic content that can be used anywhere. Data is accessed directly from the database or via our API/SDKs – allowing you to connect any number of websites, native apps, wearables, kiosks, IoT devices, or any other data-driven projects.

Directus provides a simple and intuitive interface for your database while making no assumptions about architecture. It stores everything in an actual SQL database that you architect – no black-boxed or proprietary storage here. You can completely tailor and optimize every table, column, and datatype, working directly in the database or through our admin interface.

From experiments to enterprise, every aspect of Directus is highly modular and extensible so you will never outgrow the framework. It has a full set of event hooks and it supports custom interfaces (eg: map input), custom extensions (eg: POS), and custom API endpoints and filters...

...and it's all completely free and open-source (GPLv3).

Why we need your help.

We've been perfecting this platform for over ten years, slowly growing a dedicated community and a small team of passionate contributors. Our roadmap consistently extends one year out, filled with many new features, performance enhancements, ports, add-ons, and other innovations – but without proper funding, updates and fixes can be sluggish. Our core staff is currently subsidized by RANGER Studio (a digital agency in NYC), but this means that we are beholden to their resources and needs.

We would like Directus to become its own managing entity, but to do that we first need to cover the expense of servers and full-time engineers. Only then can we ensure Directus maintains its quality, continues to improve over time, and most importantly, stays free and open-source.

Thank you for your support!

The Directus Team

Specifically, your monthly support will help to subsidize the following costs:

  • Servers & Services
    • Servers for community previews, examples, and documentation
    • Licenses for paid libraries
    • Intercom for communicating with community
    • Mandrill for transactional emails
    • GitHub for repositories
    • Google Apps for staff email and shared docs
  • Full-stack Engineer, work includes:
    • Maintaining the Core Codebase
    • Developing new features (from our community Feature Request tool)
    • Assess and merge community pull-requests
    • Review, respond, and resolve issues submitted to GitHub
    • Performance and stability optimizations
    • Updating included libraries and frameworks
    • Releasing new versions and subversions
    • Community support via Slack/Intercom
    • Adding code coverage tests for continuous integration
    • Adding code comments and refactoring codebase 
    • Adding migrations for version upgrades
    • Maintaining master SQL schema files
  • Front-End Developer, work includes:
    • Maintaining the modular Interfaces & Extensions systems
    • Creating new and innovative interfaces
    • Adding new options to existing interfaces
    • Splitting and merging core interfaces
    • Organizing and refactoring templates
    • Creating examples for custom Interfaces and Extensions
  • Designer, work includes:
    • Updating the user experience (wireframes) for upcoming versions
    • Updating the user interface for the current and upcoming versions
    • Designing documentation, the marketing site, and other resources
    • Maintaining cohesive branding across the framework and other collateral
  • Docs & Testing:
    • Updating our General and API Docs
    • Installation, upgrades, and general usage testing
    • Browser and device testing
    • Security and penetration testing

What about Directus Cloud, the pay service?

The entire Directus framework is completely free and open-source. Without any revenue of its own, it must rely on its parent company (RANGER Studio) to subsidize server and staff costs. The Directus Cloud service is owned and operated by RANGER Studio to recoup some of this expense. To ensure Directus can remain free and open-source in the future, it would require enough financial support from patrons to separate itself from its parent company and become an independent non-profit.
$22.47 of $2,000 per month
Dedicated full-stack engineer for integrating new features and resolving issues.
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